He May Be a Liberal, But He's...


He May Be a Liberal, But He's Your Liberal

Reading political stories and editorials in The Sun for Anne Arundel County these days makes me wonder a great deal about the matter of credibility -- specifically, is it something that interests The Sun or your writers personally, or is the more important objective simply pushing the message? During the days when I was promoting my property tax cap (and The Sun was calling me crazy), the reporters at least tried to understand my facts and figures and the thinking behind them. Today, that no longer appears to be the case.

Looking at the Oct. 7 editorial entitled "John Greiber's New Math," I am struck by the promotion of the political message at the expense of fact. The author appears to have relied upon two sources to abuse Mr. Greiber: his incumbent opponent Frank Weathersbee and the man he recently defeated in a grand jury investigation, Harford County State's Attorney Joseph Cassilly. Both men have an obvious ax to grind. . . .

You have fallen afoul of the Capital syndrome. This is a progressive disease characterized by a panicky state brought on by the sudden realization that one's own tried and true liberal Democrat choices for elective office are revealed to be self-serving crooks, not terribly competent and without much of a defense for their own perfidy -- as in the case of the Capital's

endorsement of Ted Sophocleus, the same man it had been criticizing all year for the pension scandal.

You have routinely written about Weathersbee's "pattern of over-cautiousness and questionable decisions" ("Weathersbee's Weakness," March 21) and about his questionable performance, "Weathersbee has not exactly bolstered our faith in the justice system lately." ("Equal Justice," Oct. 11, 1993). But now your tune is beginning to change. . . . Weathersbee is, after all, still a liberal Democrat, one of the Sun's own, warts and all.

. . . Frank Weathersbee may be a "weak prosecutor," but it's very obvious, by golly, that he is your weak prosecutor.

Bob Schaeffer

Severna Park

The writer is president of the Anne Arundel Taxpayers Association.

Fighting Racism

I would like to comment on the article of Oct. 5 concerning police conduct at the skating rink on Crain Highway. I cannot believe that in the 1990s we still employ authority figures who display feelings of racism toward our children.

As a mother of a teen-ager, I can understand how a group of children can get out of hand.

As a mother of a teen-ager, I cannot understand how the adults that we place in charge of society can take it upon themselves to beat these children with flashlights, billy clubs and call them names trying to degrade them as human beings.

Had my child have been at the skating rink that night and been beaten with a flashlight or billy club and degraded by these authority figures, I would be doing a whole lot more then demanding an apology and charges to be dropped by the police department. . . .

As human beings, we all have a responsibility to look around us and to see what we are creating for our children. Just what did these brown children learn that night from the cream-colored race. . . .?

We have all got to fight racism for our children's world tomorrow. Today's a good day to begin.

Ruth Farmer


Pepersack's Presence

Crime really is a concern of many citizens. . . . The role models portrayed by the media commit crimes, get away with them and cycle back into our communities to do it again. Is this what our children have to look up to?

Therefore, it is encouraging to see the sheriff's office reaching into the communities to give the "good guys" equal exposure. To see them fingerprinting children for ID purposes, stressing car .. safety with "Buckle-Up Bear," and warning the little ones abut drugs shows leadership that cares about the community. Only in the last four years has the sheriff's office contributed, other than serving warrants and transporting prisoners.

We need more men and women in uniform visible in a non-crisis situation. When the citizens of Anne Arundel County return Sheriff Robert G. Pepersack to the office, I feel certain it will continue.

Doris Garrell

Severna Park

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