Sauerbrey TV ads criticize Glendening on tax increases


Escalating the war of negative words dominating the hTC governor's race, Republican Ellen R. Sauerbrey has begun airing a television commercial highlighting her opponent's record of supporting tax increases.

The commercial, which began running Friday in Baltimore and Washington, lists seven taxes that increased in Prince George's County during Democrat Parris N. Glendening's 12-year tenure as county executive.

"Parris Glendening has spent his entire career raising taxes and expanding government," the ad says. "Is this the direction you want for Maryland?"

Mrs. Sauerbrey, the ad says, has spent her career fighting "to cut taxes and control spending."

The Republican has centered her campaign on a proposed 24 percent cut in the state's personal income tax over four years. Mr. Glendening has said he will not raise taxes as governor and has called for small, "targeted" tax cuts.

Campaigning in Baltimore yesterday, Mr. Glendening repeatedly criticized Mrs. Sauerbrey's tax cut plan as unrealistic.

"It's a cheap gimmick," Mr. Glendening said. "I think the voters of Maryland are too smart to fall for this."

Mr. Glendening has bombarded his Republican opponent for weeks with a series of advertisements slamming her record on crime, abortion, the environment and state spending.

In a news release, the Sauerbrey campaign said it is spending $118,000 to air the ad, which will run through Tuesday.

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