Halloween centerpiece


Part of last summer's nature-find collection included brittle branches my kids snatched from the woodpile at our friend's cabin.

They were just what we needed for a creepy Halloween table centerpiece.

Actually any thin, bare branches will do. Paint them if you wish. Poke them in a clay pot and anchor them with floral foam.

Decorate the container with orange or black construction paper and stickers. Cover the exposed foam or plaster with Spanish moss.

Here are some ideas to decorate the spooky branches:

* Poke orange and black gumdrops onto the branches. (The gumdrops should not be eaten.)

* Cut out shapes of ghosts, bats, stars, half-moons, pumpkins, witches, etc. Or affix Halloween stickers to tagboard and cut out each shape. Poke a hole in each cutout and hang from the branches with fishing line or heavy-duty thread.

* Decorate jack-o'-lantern cookies. Hang from branches for party guests to take home.

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