Brown family plans foundation for battered women


IRVINE, Calif. -- The family of Nicole Brown Simpson plans to create a foundation for battered women in her name and to immerse themselves in the fight against domestic violence, the slain woman's mother and sisters said yesterday.

Juditha Brown again declined to say whether she believes that her murdered daughter was a battered woman.

"That's not an answer I can give yet," Mrs. Brown said. "We have to wait a while longer on that."

In 1989, O. J. Simpson -- now on trial for the murders of his former wife and her friend Ronald L. Goldman -- pleaded no contest to abusing Ms. Simpson.

But Mrs. Brown added that her family will go ahead and establish a foundation to aid battered women and their children in hopes that "we can make a difference."

Mrs. Brown and her daughters, Denise, Tanya and Dominique, attended a kick-off ceremony yesterday to raise money for a new shelter for Human Options, one of Orange County's three primary women's shelters.

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