A strike solutionI have what I believe...


A strike solution

I have what I believe to be a feasible proposal to minimize the impact of the baseball strike and ensure that next season begins as scheduled. If the bulk of player salaries and owner revenues were placed in escrow, the game could go on and only the principals in the dispute would be affected. Teams again would bring in revenue and could pay for operating expenses such as hotel bookings, charter flights, etc. Players also could have access to a portion of their salaries for "operating expenses" such as housing for players who live in other states during the off-season.

No one directly involved in the dispute would profit from its continuation. However, the local economies of the cities, the nonplaying personnel, vendors and other "innocent bystanders" still would enjoy the game and the financial benefits of major-league baseball in their community. I also would propose that the interest derived from the funds in escrow be given to each team's respective community for education, police protection, social services, etc.

This proposal may not settle the issue of a salary cap, but it would remove the fans, the communities and the nonplaying people who depend on baseball for their livelihood from the conflict.

Steven Plakitsis


Media ignore CFLs

I have been a Baltimore Colts fan all my life, and worked in the press box for them for 17 years. Naturally, I'm a season ticket holder for our CFL franchise.

The CFL is the new kid on the block, yet I do not feel that The Sun or the media in general has given this franchise a fair shake. Days go by during the week when not one article can be found in the newspaper, and the same can be said for local TV coverage. Yet it's so easy to read and hear about the Redskins and the NFL. Every day there seems to be coverage on the NFL.

How can we CFL fans become knowledgeable about our franchise, let alone the other teams of the CFL, with the minimal coverage provided by The Sun?

Jim Speros has done something that no other individual has been able to do in bringing football back to Baltimore. I wish The Sun and all the local media would better support his efforts. He deserves it and so do the Baltimore CFLs (Colts!).

Warren J. Pfoutz


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