Harford's Quality of Life is BetterAs a...


Harford's Quality of Life is Better

As a new citizen of Harford County and Maryland six years ago, I have come to fondly think of Harford County as my family's home. I am sick of hearing the continual whining about over-development.

When we first moved here in 1988, we had to leave Harford County for practically everything. Most of our shopping was done in Baltimore County, Delaware or Pennsylvania. I have been so pleased to see the controlled, thought-out development occurring on the Route 24 corridor.

When my family goes out to dinner or lunch, we finally have some choices in Harford County. My children were able to get jobs at the age of 16 at stores in the Festival at Bel Air and the Bel Air Town Center. If Harford countians think the future lies in stopping the controlled growth, where are your children going to work? Who's going to fund your child's sports teams? I want my tax dollars to be spent in the county where I live -- to benefit my community. . . .

In this election year, pay close attention to what candidates are really saying about development in the county. "If it's not broken, don't fix it" should apply to this county executive race. Harford County is better today than when we moved here six years ago thanks to County Executive Eileen Rehrmann.

John Whitehead

Bel Air

Zero-Based Budgets

During the primary and already in the general election campaigns, you have heard the term "zero-based budgeting." Many people don't understand what that means.

Most present budgeting plans are based on last year's actual expenses plus any new plans or programs plus inflationary expections, wage increases and contingencies.

Some time ago I heard a story that illustrated what usually happens when zero-based budgeting is not used:

King Louis V was standing on his palace balcony in Paris one afternoon and noticed the ladies-in-waiting walking through the garden. He also noticed two armed sentries standing at each of the many benches scattered through the garden. He turned to his orderly and asked if he knew why two sentries were assigned to the garden benches.

When the orderly claimed ignorance, King Louis V ordered him to find out. When the orderly returned, he explained to the king that 40 years previously, King Louis III was standing on this same balcony and noticed some ladies-in-waiting strolling through the garden, but he also noticed that the garden benches had just been painted. He then issued an order that a sentry be placed by each bench to warn the ladies of the fresh paint.

Some years later, France was at war with Prussia, and King Louis IV issued an order that all sentry posts be doubled. Hence the two sentries at each bench!

Much of our tax money is spent much the same way. Zero-based budgeting is one way to eliminate this waste. . . .

Fred C. Lange

White Hall

Where was Ron?

Ron Szczybor takes a great deal of pride for having served on the County Council's Budget Advisory committeee. I served on that committee as well and the only contribution from Ron that I can recall came on the first day when he said: "Hi, I'm Ron Szczybor." I would think that someone who criticizes Eileen Rehrmann's budget as much as he does would have more to say when his input would have meant something.

Kathy Carmello


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