Why Carroll Needs Route 140 BypassI am...

Why Carroll Needs Route 140 Bypass

I am writing in response to letters to the editor from several members of the Carroll Life group. . . .


It is essential that Carroll countians realize that this Route 140 bypass has been conceived to serve the community as a whole. I am one of the many Carroll County residents who leaves the county every morning to work in another region. An objective of ** the bypass is to improve the economic climate in our community . . . as well as the goal of efficiently moving residential commuters. As growth in this county continues, we need business to help lighten the tax burden on individuals.

I respect Carroll Life's activism but the most active individuals in this group are those with homes that may be affected by the bypass route.


We cannot allow a small group of people to hold the rest of the community hostage to obtain their personal goals by linking all negative aspects of growth to the completion of this particular road project.

One of the most important aspects of controlling growth is to effectively manage it by providing adequate infrastructure. Roads are a critical segment of that infrastructure.

Philip G. Schwaab


Sheriff's Race

I am writing to urge your endorsement and the endorsement of Carroll County voters for Ken Tregoning in his bid to become Carroll County sheriff. Voters have rarely had the opportunity to elect an individual that is as well-qualified and suited for the elective office being sought.

As chairman of the most recent Carroll County Police Study Committee and a retired director of personnel for the Maryland State Police, I am well aware of the criteria utilized in selecting individuals for law enforcement executive positions.

In Ken Tregoning's case, his knowledge, skill, ability, experience, integrity and leadership qualities make him a superior candidate for the position of Carroll County sheriff. His varied background and extensive training, from the U.S. Marine Corps to various Maryland State Police patrol, supervisory, staff and command positions have sharpened his professional and leadership abilities to a fine edge.


Ken Tregoning's service to the Carroll County community is particularly noteworthy. As a 20-year resident, he has performed volunteer work with children in the school system, Little League, youth recreation and 4-H programs as well as service as a volunteer firefighter.

Professionally, he served as a patrol supervisor in the Carroll County Resident Trooper Program and was the commander of the Westminster barracks for several years.

As commander of the Westminster barracks, he served on at least two committees studying Carroll County law enforcement needs and interacted on a regular basis with members of the community, county officials and other members of the county's law enforcement community.

Even if the current sheriff's record in office was outstanding, which is certainly not the case, I would still urge your endorsement of Ken Tregoning to provide strong professional leadership to the Carroll County sheriff's department and dedicated service to Carroll County citizens.

Maj. Morris L. Krome (Retired)



Hickman's Write-In Bid

In reading the paper regarding the election for the Carroll County state's attorney's office, I was disheartened to see some of the comments made by fellow Republicans because Tom Hickman has decided to run as a write-in candidate.

It certainly was a close race and I feel that not all the voices of Carroll County were given the opportunity to give their vote because they may not have been in the Republican Party. In running as a write-in candidate, Mr. Hickman is allowing the citizens to make a choice. . . .

Mr. Hickman has given a lot to the citizens of Carroll County as well as a voice to victims of crime. . . . Did you know in Carroll County there is a long-standing policy that DWI cases are not allowed to be reduced to a lesser count?

. . . The state's attorney's office is not just about running an office. It is about expanding new avenues and program to help in prosecuting cases. Mr. Hickman allows that to happen . . .

C. Meassick


Mount Airy

I write in response to your Oct. 2 cartoon concerning the write-in campaign of Tom Hickman. From the comments made to me by many people, I can assure you that this campaign has widespread support in our community.

As you may know, less than half of the Republican voters turned out for the primary election and out of 12,600 votes cast, Tom lost by 172 votes. Tom has given us an outstanding state's attorney's office in which the victims of crime come first. He has created programs to deal with those problems having the worst impact on the children in our schools. During my 12 years as a member of the Board of Education, members of our staff have repeatedly told me of the great cooperation and assistance they receive from Tom's office and that is their understanding that such support is rare in other counties. In addition, Tom Hickman has tried and won many first-degree murder cases and neither of his opponents has ever tried and won a first-degree murder conviction.

If you review the campaign finance reports, you will find that Tom's campaign opponent in the primary received large sums of money from defense lawyers or their firms or family members. . . .

The lawyers in one firm gave $3,000. Four members of the family of a Baltimore County lawyer gave Barnes a total of $4,000. All four members of this family live in Baltimore County. . . . The defense lawyers and people in Baltimore County should not choose our state's attorney. . . .

The third candidate for state's attorney apparently has little or no experience in criminal law.


If it turns out that Tom is the most qualified person for the job, the other 50,000 voters of Carroll County should have the chance to vote for him. . . .

John D. Myers Jr.


The writer is president of the Carroll County Board of Education and chairs State's Attorney Tom Hickman's write-in campaign.