Two arrested in motel face cocaine charges


Two people accused of using drugs in a room at the Boston Inn were being held without bail yesterday after their arrest at the Westminster motel Friday afternoon. Police said they recovered about a quarter-ounce of cocaine from the room.

Police said that after receiving a tip alleging illegal activity at the motel, they entered the room and found a man and woman with cocaine and several used and new syringes.

Investigators said in court papers that the man went to Reisterstown to purchase the drugs while the woman waited at the motel. Both used the cocaine, according to court documents.

Officers of the Carroll County Narcotics Task Force said they arrested George Thomas Selby, 28, of Woodbine and Deana Lynn Selby, 26, of Finksburg. They were each charged with five counts of distribution, and possession of cocaine and paraphernalia, police said.


* Westminster: A resident of Charles Street told police that someone broke a window of his car while it was parked near his house Monday. He estimated the damage at $50.

A resident of East Main Street told police that someone broke a window of her car while it was parked near her house Monday.

A resident of Baumgardner Road told police that someone did an estimated $200 in damage to her car Monday by scratching the side while it was parked at Cranberry Mall.

An employee of the Sheetz gas station on East Main Street told police that someone did $300 in damage to a gas pump Saturday.

A New Windsor resident told police that someone stole her wallet from her purse Friday while she was shopping at Weis Market on Baltimore Boulevard. She estimated the loss at $100.


* Westminster: Engines from Westminster and Reese were dispatched to investigate a fire alarm in a building in the 200 block of E. Green St. at 3:07 p.m. yesterday. Firefighters found that the alarm had been set off by a water overflow in the sprinkler system; there was no fire. Units were out for 15 lTC minutes.

* Reese: Engines from Reese and Gamber responded to an electrical fire in a building on Buttonwood Court at 8:46 a.m. yesterday. Units were out for 30 minutes.

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