GULF CRISIS Troop buildup


UNITED STATES: 19,000 troops in the region with 44,500 in various stages of deployment. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. John Shalikashvili says another 156,000 troops have been placed on alert. He said there were 252 American and allied aircraft in the region, another 467 American planes in various stages of deployment and an additional 196 on alert.

These are in addition to the 235 allied aircraft in the region, including 80 aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington and planes from Britain and France that help enforce no-fly zone.

* BRITAIN: Six Tornado fighter-bombers sent to the region and the first 150 marine commandoes of a total deployment to reach 1,000 ground and air force personnel. Britain also sent a destroyer, HMS Cardiff, to join the frigate HMS Cornwall patrolling off Kuwait City.

* FRANCE: It is sending the frigate Georges-Leygues, based in the Red Sea. It is an anti-submarine vessel equipped with two helicopters and numerous torpedoes and missiles and carries a crew of 220.

Australia and Egypt have stated willingness to deploy troops if necessary.

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