Lt. Gen. Raoul Cedras resigned as Haiti's military leader and ** had to be protected from the crowd of Haitians. . He is expected to go into exile soon.

General Cedras' successor, Maj. Gen. Jean-Claude Duperval, asked his men to emulate the example of the U.S. military. "We want an orderly, disciplined army, answerable to the law," he said. It will also be a smaller army: Jean-Bertrand Aristide has pledged to trim it from 7,450 to 1,500 men and to transfer police functions to a civilian force.

General Duperval, hand-picked by Cedras to replace him, is one of 13 Haitian officers under investigation by the U.S. drug probers, a Justice Department report says.

The United States will expand a humanitarian aid package for Haiti. It has been sending food to Haiti for feeding programs and equipment for a jobs program that is expected to employ 50,000 Haitians by early next year. Officials want the program to reach 1.3 million Haitian children under 5, women and the elderly.

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