Police say man fled while eating crack


A Baltimore man was arrested on drug charges early Saturday morning after police say he ran from them while swallowing a plastic bag filled with crack cocaine.

The man was caught near the intersection of Bowman Road and Admiral Drive, a well-known open air drug market, police said.

As the man ran, an officer said he saw bits of plastic hanging out of the man's mouth. The officer field-tested some of the white substance coating the man's lower lip and determined it was crack cocaine, police said.

James Henry Kyler, 26, of 5208 Buford St., charged with possessing an illegal drug and resisting arrest, was taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center. He was being held at the county jail on $1,500 bond.

Drug charges follow stop by police Saturday

Police arrested an Annapolis man Saturday morning on drug charges after he struggled with an officer during a search, police said.

Officer Robert Shiflet was on patrol about 1 a.m., when he stopped a man near Hudson Street and Eve Lane and noticed something in the man's pocket. The object turned out to be a pipe, police said.

While Officer Shiflet searched a paper bag, the suspect tried to ++ swallow a small white bag, police said. Officer Shiflet and the suspect struggled briefly, before the man broke free and ran. Police caught the suspect nearby.

Rondall Dove, 34, of the 2000 block of Allen Drive was charged with possession of narcotics paraphernalia and resisting arrest,

police said.

Prisoner slashed in county jail assault

An county jail inmate was treated for cuts to his face and neck Sunday after another inmate slashed him with a razor blade at 7:20 p.m., police said.

Howard Chase, 19, was treated at Anne Arundel Medical Center. He was being held on robbery and robbery with a deadly !B weapon charges. Colando Colbert, 19, was charged with assault with intent to maim, malicious disfiguring and assault and battery, police said.

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