A comebacker for DempseyI take exception to...


A comebacker for Dempsey

I take exception to Ken Rosenthal's column of Sept. 29, which knocked Rick Dempsey as a potential managerial candidate for the Orioles.

The team, management and, most of all, we sports fans need the "rah-rah" personality of Dempsey, plus his experience playing four decades of major-league baseball, plus what he learned coaching winter league and Dodgers minor-league teams.

The man has proved himself to be a winner and is the kind of person management needs to endear it to the media and the paying public.

Maybe Rosenthal thinks his experience as a baseball columnist qualifies him as a candidate to lead the team on the field.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

All for Angelos off the field

I'm all for Orioles owner Peter Angelos saying what's on his mind. I admire his blunt style. Somebody needs to stand up to the other owners and shake up the old-boy network. It might as well be the guy who invested the most money ever in baseball's future. When it comes to baseball business and public relations, Angelos gets high marks from me.

When it comes to what goes on the field, then I get concerned. Like everyone else, I'm worried about his potential Steinbrennerisms. That kind of style will wear out fast with the fans and the ballplayers.

Leonard Arzt


Take a good look, players

Should we damn or thank the players and owners of the Orioles? We the taxpayers think we built a baseball stadium for them. They've shown little public goodwill during this strike, and the fans are now turning their backs on them.

Are they happy? The fans are -- with minor-league ball. The major leaguers are losing value, and we have rediscovered the real game, outside of Camden Yards. Guess what? Football is on. The major leaguers should grab a bag of Doritos and take a seat in front of the set. Better, yet, they should take a low-budget, high-return look at CFL at Memorial Stadium. The Orioles used to play there, and we loved it. It was all we needed -- it used to be

good enough.

Skip Pearre


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