The Dominican government said there was no possibility that Haitian army leader Lieutenant General Raoul Cedras and other senior military officials would be granted asylum.

In Port-au-Prince, the owner of a food warehouse that had been looted Monday fired on an advancing crowd. One person was killed and four wounded.

Defense Secretary William Perry plans to visit Haiti tomorrow to meet American troops and review U.S. military operations there. It would be his second visit since the September 19 landing.

Exiled Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and South African President Nelson Mandela met briefly but postponed the longer talks they had planned.

President Clinton met troops just back from Haiti and was briefed on the situation on the island. An official with him at Norfolk, Va., said, "We are in the endgame of the transition" back to a democratic government.

In Washington, lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol neared votes on demands for a quick end to the Haiti mission.

U.N. officials say an international human rights observer mission expelled from Haiti three months ago will return within weeks.

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