King knows the ropes at Hampstead

"I can do it all," Roberta King said. "I'll work the snack bar, the control counter, take care of the leagues. I've even been in back of the lanes with the machinery. Didn't really know what I was doing, but I was there."

And she bowls. Tenpins and duckpins.


"I started bowling when I first came to work here at Hampstead [Bowling Center]," she said. "That was five or six years ago."

King lives in Hampstead, just minutes from the bowling center. She's an employee of the Department of Aging for Baltimore County, and now, with Ginny Blackowicz moving on to other pursuits, she's donned another hat. She'll be more involved with the youth bowling programs on Saturday mornings at the Main Street bowling center.


"Everything will pretty much stay the same for now," King said. "But I have some new ideas for the youngsters for the future. After all, they are the future of bowling."

King bowls in the Wednesday Ladies Night Out tenpin league at Hampstead and the Thursday duckpin league. In tenpins she carries a 150 average with a career high game of 224 and a high set of 618; in duckpins it's a 110 average with a high game of 158 and a high set of 380.

New youth season is under way

Dave Janocha Jr., 13, of Manchester started bowling tenpins four or five years ago.

"He cranks the ball a little," his mother Nancy said. "And he's started using a urethane bowling ball so his average should start to go up. I've just started using a finger-tip grip and my average has been improving."

Dave, who is in the ninth grade at North Carroll High School, started the season with a bang.

He fired his career high individual game and three-game series in the Saturday morning youth league at Hampstead: 210 and 543, respectively. That juiced his average to 171 for the young season.

Another jump start


Lindsey Hesen lives in Hampstead with her bowling family.

"Well, we are a bowling family," her mother Debbie said. "In factLindsey is using her grandmother's old bowling ball right now."

Debbie carries a 172 average. Her husband Joe averages 175and son James averages about 160.

Lindsey, 13, is an eighth-grader at North Carroll Middle Schooand has been bowling for about four years in the tenpin youth league at Hampstead lanes.

Averaging 122 last season, she launched the new bowling yeain high style. In the second week of league play Lindsey fired a 174 single game and a 408 series.

Noyes comes close


Dave Noyes of Manchester, who was honorable mention for the 1993-1994 season for high average by the Baltimore Duckpin Bowlers Association, captured second place in the Duckpin Bowlers Tour singles event at Hampstead Bowling Center over the weekend of Sept. 9-12.

He fired games that were 74 pins over average to be seeded for the stepladder finals.

In his single match game, he lost to Muddy Waters of Annandale, Va., but picked up a $300 check.