Thanks, but no thanks to NFLWhile I...


Thanks, but no thanks to NFL

While I appreciate the efforts of Peter Angelos to lure an NFL team to Baltimore, I wish he would stop. As one who looked forward to our own team, I feel the NFL has used, humiliated and insulted us, and I don't want them in Baltimore.

I hold a season ticket to our beloved CFL team, and can go to Memorial Stadium and see our hometown team play great football. The only complaint I have is with the dumb bumper-to-bumper parking they force on us. For $1 less at Camden Yards, I can get civilized parking. You can be sure I won't get a season parking pass next season.

Outside of that, the CFL game is faster and more exciting. The

NFL games are starting to bore me by contrast.

Allan C. Stover

Ellicott City

Owners, players should grow up

Recently, Bud Selig announced the cancellation of the playoffs and World Series. This announcement could have been avoided if Selig, Jerry Reinsdorf, Richard Ravitch, Donald Fehr and all representatives of management and the players association would stop all of the childish name-calling and finger-pointing and get together on some serious negotiations.

For the first time in 90 years, there will be no excitement in baseball, and partly, it is because the owners and players are so greedy they can't see straight.

Sure the owners will be losing millions without the postseason revenues, the players also are losing millions without their outrageous salaries. But, the owners and players are forgetting about the little people -- the fans. Where would the national pastime be without the fans going to the games and paying the ridiculous prices?

Unfortunately, baseball (like all professional sports) has been a business, and not a game, for several years. Baseball survived the other strikes, but this one could be far more damaging. Why can't the players and owners act mature and responsible, and compromise on the issues in question?

As an O's fan and avid baseball fan, I am disgusted, frustrated and disappointed that the 1994 season was destroyed by the owners' and players' greed. I do not sympathize with the owners or players. When the strike is finally settled, fans everywhere should strike back, and boycott the games. Unfortunately, this probably will never happen, the fans will come back in record number (once again), and the national pastime will prosper.

Cheryl L. Driver


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