You Can Win Without MoneyI offer my...

You Can Win Without Money

I offer my thanks to those who voted for me in my run for the District A County Council seat. My congratulations to the winner, Councilwoman Susan Heselton, who showed us again you can


win an election without taking campaign money.

James D. Haney



Painting Preis

I read Bruce Reid's Sept. 18 article about the District 34 legislative campaign and I am dismayed that Republicans are "attempting to paint" Del. Mary Louise Preis as something she is not.

Mrs. Preis is a mainstream, thoughtful person who represents the will of the people of Harford County. Mary Louise Preis is not attached to any special interest group, but she listens to all and NTC certainly votes the voice of her conscience.

I am grateful to Delegate Preis for her integrity and for supporting legislation to control the spread of semi-automatic weapons in Maryland.

A. Freeborn Brown

Bel Air

Religious Conflicts


Rosh Hashana is a holiday observed in Jewish homes throughout the world. It is the time at which Jews reflect on their actions throughout the year. We put our "calendar of life" in order. A time of hope and aspiration, thanksgiving and prayer. The holiday is called "the birthday of the world." Family members, young and old, return home for a special dinner and join with brethren at synagogues and temples to hear the shofar. . . . We have many blessings to be thankful for this year. . . .

Yet we as Harford County Jews (and other religious and ethnic minorities) are still forced to choose between religious observance and public meeting attendance when scheduling conflicts are not accommodated. Imagine opening the schools or convening the County Council on Christmas Day. Yet, we are unable to send our children to school, attend new parent meetings, participate in council affairs, workshops or other secular public meetings . . . on the day or evening before a Jewish holiday.

We as a Jewish community value family, tradition and observant religious practice. We earnestly try to instill these values into our children. Each year, we are sadly forced to make a choice. . . .

The following dates are listed below as major holidays. Their dates are duly noted on every printed calendar in the United States, and should be respected by those who schedule for schools and public institutions.

Rosh Hashana -- first and second evening, first and second day.

Yom Kippur -- first and second evening, one day.


Hanukkah -- first evening.

Passover -- first and second evenings.

Last spring, my congregation had the assurance from the Harford County Board of Education that there would not be a conflict with the opening of school on the first day of Rosh Hashana. This September, members of my congregation informed me that new parent meetings were scheduled for Rosh Hashana and the County Council had scheduled the ethics disclosure meeting on Yom Kippur. . . .

Our county desires input and effort from all of its citizens. Many of our members are educators and are also active citizens and public servants in this county.

Please help us to assure that this Rosh Hashana and future Rosh Hashanas fulfill the moral imperative of repairing the world through mutual respect for the values of family, tradition and religious observance.

Andrew P. Klein



The writer is president of the Harford Jewish Center, Temple Adas Shalom.

Auto Racing, For and Against

It is my opinion the proposed motor sports park at Havre de Grace would have an absolute positive impact on the Harford County economy, and it would give Harford County as well as the city of Havre de Grace national exposure. . . .

The motor sports park at Havre de Grace would bring outside dollars into the county . . . and at the same time bring new life and countless opportunities to existing businesses. Local restaurants, lodging businesses, retail, tourism, automotive, real estate, telecommunications, etc. would also stand to benefit. Yes, one could build a new shopping center, but would this bring any new business into the county or merely take away from existing businesses?

Take Baltimore city, for example. When Baltimore finished Harborplace years ago, it opened wide tourism in the city. Take ** the state of Virginia. "Virginia has it" with Busch Gardens, Williamsburg and Kings Dominion. These are revenue dollars from out-of-state visitors.


Harford County and the state of Maryland can attract the same dollars. Take cities such as Long Beach, Calif., and Detroit, Mich., where races are held on city streets; it must have an economic impact otherwise these cities would not do it. And, of course, there's Indianapolis. . . .

Motor racing is not a cheap sport. . . .

Any negatives are outweighed by the positives. . . . I do not know why the Havre de Grace city fathers have doubts about the project. After all, the city is trying hard to become a tourist attraction by marketing the seafood festival, the decoy museum, regattas, at one time even hydro races.

We lost Coca-Cola to Howard County and Starbucks coffee company to York, Pa. Let's not lose the Motor Sports Park, too.

Komrad Steck



The purpose of this letter is to express my opposition to the proposed Maryland Motor Sports Park under consideration for Havre de Grace. As a resident of the nearby Grace Harbor community, I am concerned about the effects of such an operation on the community, the environment and the city of Havre de Grace.

Recently, some friends and I camped at Watkins Glen State Park in New York during a weekend that coincided with racing events at Watkins Glen Raceway. The racetrack is located about four miles from the park. However, the sound from the cars, the public address system and the bands that performed between racing events was clearly audible within the campgrounds. Traffic was severely congested and travel to and from the state ** park was extremely difficult.

The development of residential communities in and around Havre de Grace have not planned for this type of commercial enterprise that will cause a large volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in a confined area. . . .

Additionally, these proposed racing events will place increased responsibilities on the police, fire and recue departments. Also, the effect such a development would have on Chesapeake Bay should be thoroughly investigated.

The city of Havre de Grace has the potential to become a premier water-oriented community. I do not believe this proposed race track will help in that potential.

Patricia Precht


Havre de Grace