Bel Air native Stratton is in charge of Price's affairs


LAKE MANASSAS, Va. -- Last year, Nick Price set a PGA Tour earnings record of $1,478,557, and collected another $1 million for winning the Sun City event in South Africa.

This year, with several multimillion-dollar events left on his schedule, he is at $1,442,927.

Six weeks ago, Bill Stratton, 27, a former Bel Air resident, assumed responsibility for these funds, and a whole lot more, when he was hired to manage Price's financial empire.

"It was a classic case of being in the right place at the right time," Stratton said yesterday while watching his man in the Presidents Cup at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club.

"Two longtime friends of Price's, John Bredenkamp from Zimbabwe, and Nic Frangos from South Africa, recently formed Masters International and assumed management of Nick's business affairs," Stratton said. "I knew John, and he brought me in as manager.

"Nick lives in Orlando and I have moved there to be close to him. Basically, there is a secretary and myself. I'm responsible for all .. of his financial side -- sponsorships, appearances, personal property, everything. It's an all-encompassing arrangement."

Stratton received an immediate baptism under fire when Price won the British Open and the PGA Championship within a four-week span. "I'm glad there are no more majors," Stratton said, laughing. "We haven't slowed down, but just when we were starting to catch up a bit, he won the Canadian Open [last week]. It's been wild."

Price is committed to four tournaments and two one-day charity events in October, and Stratton said Price would probably be in Orlando just two days that month.

"Obviously, the demands on his time have skyrocketed. And he's amazing -- he wants to do everything he can to accommodate people, yet maintain a private life with his wife and two children," Stratton said.

Stratton grew up in Bel Air and graduated from Gilman and the University of North Carolina.

As a member of the swimming team at Gilman, he was the only non-Calvert Hall-Loyola student to win a Maryland Scholastic Association title.

Price is thrilled with the arrangement. He said, "I hate paperwork. This way, Bill, and our secretary, take all that load off me so I can concentrate on my golf."

Oriole tournament

The annual Oriole tournament, the handicap championship of the Women's Golf Association, will be held Tuesday and Wednesday at Sparrows Point Country Club.

First-round pairings: (First tee) -- 8:30 a.m. -- Sally Casey, Bobby Farr; 8:35 -- Joan Lins, Judy Mehrling; 8:40 -- Jean Mulcahey, Pat Hagan; 8:45 -- Joan Marconi, Liz Ireton; 8:50 -- Erica Overholser, Terry Abrams; 8:55 -- Fran Ghingher, Ann Norris; 9:00 -- Midge Thursby, Nancy Strite; 9:05 -- Mia Ficcaro, Ann Gillespie; 9:10 -- Rita Gillham, Nicky Vorn Holt; 9:15 -- Alice Horst, Ginny Grem; 9:20 --Lucy Preston, Helen Quick; 9:25 -- Theresa Peterka, Arlene Birnbaum; 9:30 -- Betsy Morgan, Eleanor Appling; 9:35 -- Paula Sovero, Sandy Peltz; 9:40 -- Pat Jackson, Sharon Carter; 9:45 -- Roberta Lavin, Hortense Amernick; 9:50 -- Patricia Kern, Helene Pittler; 9:55 -- Harriet Pelisek-Evelyn Richardson.

(10th tee): 8:30 a.m. -- Catharine Ballich, Mary Ellen Dunnigan; 8:35 -- Peggy Miller-Barbara Heisse; 8:40 -- Marylee Hormes, Madge Seoane; 8:45 -- Pat Erdly, Nancy Bond; 8:50 -- Chris Nocar, Emma Hernandez; 8:55 -- Nina Sager, Toni Lekas; 9:00 -- Emily DiCicce, Marge Myers; 9:05 -- Betty Schmuck, Nancy Peverley; 9:10 -- Jo Ann Gallizzo, Bert Pakulski; 9:15 -- Irene Fountain, Dorothy Turnau; 9:20 -- Evelyn Nykula, Lee Widhelm; 9:25 -- Pat Campbell, Pat Brennan; 9:30 -- Betty Amos, Peggy Krug; 9:35 -- Suzanne Hoffman, Catherine Stafford; 9:40 -- Jane Brennan, Muriel Pulliam; 9:45 -- Sylvia Garland, Pat Lowry; 9:50 -- Marge Rhoten, Deborah Fields, Terry East.


Jane Mason, winner of the past two titles, will be absent, but eight other past champions will be in the 107-player field when the Maryland State Golf Association holds its 26th annual Senior Women's championship at Rolling Road Golf Club Thursday . . . Mason will be competing in the U.S. Seniors championship, Wednesday-Friday at the Sea Island GC, St. Simons Island, Ga.

This week's schedule: Tuesday-Wednesday -- Oriole tournament, Sparrows Point CC, 8:30 a.m. Wednesday-Thursday -- Middle Atlantic PGA Seniors, Stoneleigh GC, Round Hill, Va., 8 a.m. Thursday -- Maryland State Senior Women, Rolling Road GC, 8 a.m. Friday -- Middle Atlantic PGA pro-am, Rolling Road GC, 8 a.m. Saturday-Sunday -- Baltimore Municipal Golf Corporation Two-Man Team championship, Mount Pleasant GC, 8 a.m.

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