Aberdeen Eagles

1993 record: 7-7. Coach: Janine Robinson.

Top players: Ayana Bernett, Soph.; Mary Birch, Soph.; Jamey Carroll, Soph.; Rosemary Eflinger, Sr.; Amy Grout, Soph.; Jennifer Miller, Jr.; Jackie Proseska, Soph.; Rachel Spencer, Jr.; Shautte Ware, Soph.

Outlook: The Eagles have a young and small team -- average height is 5 feet 6 -- yet Robinson anticipates improving with each match. With the loss of last season's top hitter, Aberdeen will be more of a defensive team, and hitting is questionable with two of the outside hitters being sophomores. The Eagles have an excellent server and setter in Eflinger and Spencer, respectively.

Bel Air Bobcats

1993 record: 11-2. Coach: Amy Kunkle.

Top players: Annmarie Dehn, Sr.; Robyn Kekauoha, Sr.; Diana Little, Jr.; Amy Whitsel, Sr.

Outlook: First-year coach Kunkle anticipates her Bobcats will be a serious contender both in the county and in the region, with the switch to a new offense that puts Bel Air on the attack. There is good team chemistry and enough depth with 15 girls. Whitsel should have a big season, stepping in as the top hitter.

C. Milton Wright Mustangs

1993 record: 5-9. Coach: Bonnie Fry.

Top players: Kate Corea, Sr.; Deanna Drecchio, Sr.; Tara Greenwood, Sr.

Outlook: Fry returns to coaching after a short layoff and, although the Mustangs lost a lot of players from last year, there are still a number of quality players back. Not a dominant team like so many Fry coached in the past, these Mustangs are well balanced and Fry expects them to remain within the top three in the county race. Drecchio is the strongest of as many as six solid hitters.

Edgewood Rams

1993 record: 18-1. Coach: Debbie Lynn.

Top players: Elizabeth Bell, Jr.; Lauren Bochlage, Jr.; Kyndra Brown, Soph.; Nydia Colon, Sr.; Karly Crawford, Soph.; Latoya Johnson, Jr.; Mindy Martin, Soph.

Outlook: It is highly unlikely the Rams will

enjoy the kind of success they had a year ago with such a young team and eight starters lost. From the squad that advanced to last season's regional finals, only Colon returns as a starter to go along with seven freshmen and a bunch of sophomores. Colon again will be the top setter but the overall hitting needs work and with a lack of experience and height, the Rams will rely mostly on their defense.

Fallston Cougars

1993 record: 0-14. Coach: Elaine Settelmaier.

Top players: Simone Cherrer, Sr.; Katie Daino, Jr.; Tina DiFrancesca, Jr.; Brina Fox, Soph.; Carrie Grace, Soph.; Blythe Hunsinger, Sr.; Nicole Keary, Sr.; Liz Korbella, Jr.; Jessica Leimbach, Sr.; Jill Longo, Soph.; Daniel Rice, Sr.; Tonya Worthington, Soph.

Outlook: Fallston doesn't look to do much but rebuild this season. First-year coach Settelmaier has the Cougars playing a different offense to suit the team's skill level, yet there are no real expectations. The Cougars are a tall team -- with the average height at 5-7 -- and there is enough depth.

Harford Tech Cobras

1993 record: N/A. Coach: Mary Odachowski.

Top players: Connie Beulah, Jr; Jennifer Fischer, Sr.; Rhonda Hostetter, Sr.; Janine Osborne, Sr.; Poppy Rupert, Sr.; Laura Sheltrown, Jr.; Pam Surette, Sr.; Michelle Woods, Sr.

Outlook: Odachowski is very enthusiastic about having the best team she has ever coached at Harford Tech. Nine of the 26 players are seniors. And there is plenty of talent, which includes Osborne, Rupert and Woods, all strong hitters and servers, while Surette is the defensive specialist.

Havre de Grace Warriors

1993 record: No team. Coach: Sancheria Jones.

Top players: Jocyln Barker, Jr.; Lauren Brown, Jr.; Rachel Collier, Jr.; Desiree McEntosh, Soph., Erin Murphy, Fr.; Jancye Overby, Jr.; Marsha Sauer, Fr.; Elizabeth Schafer, Jr.; Tara Stansbury, Jr.; Theresa Tatum, Jr.; Erin Thompson, Jr.; Jennifer Watson, Soph.

Outlook: This marks the first competitive volleyball team at Havre de Grace. Sancheria anticipates improvement in individual skills as the season progresses and she says her Warriors have potential to be competitive. Many of the players who tried out had little skills, yet Watson (hitter, server), Sauer (hitter), Thompson (hitter) and Barker (setter) give the Warriors promise for the future.

John Carroll Patriots

1993 record: 5-9. Coach: Greg Cullison.

Top players: Jennifer Blume, Jr.; Laura Dembiec, Sr.; Elizabeth Donarum, Jr.; Courtney Krasowski, Soph.; Shani Lee, Soph.; Heather Pyzik, Sr.; Alek Stawicki, Jr.; Charlotte Wills, Soph.

Outlook: The Patriots bring back 11 from a year ago -- several that went to camp over the summer -- so John Carroll expects to be a threat. As many as eight players saw action regularly a year ago. Cullison has five or six good attackers up front to keep the pressure on, especially Dembiec, and Wills is the setter. They should improve on last year's record.

Joppatowne Mariners

1993 record: 2-9. Coach: Ted Smith.

Top players: Brandi Barnes, Jr.; Christina Myers, Sr.; Bonnie Powell, Jr.; Jenn Scholl, Sr.

Outlook: Serving has been the problem for the Mariners, but if they can overcome that, Smith looks forward to a winning season. Much of Joppatowne's success relies on how much Barnes, 6 feet, gets the ball. With Powell, the top setter, back and the overall hitting skills improved, that shouldn't be too hard. As a Class 1A school, Joppatowne always has a tough schedule, and this year is no different.

North Harford Hawks

1993 record: N/A. Coach: Scott Guckert.

Top players: Katie Cavanaugh, Jr.; Erin Downhowser, Sr.; Kelly Fuka, Jr.; Naomi Gemmiel, Jr.; Lindsey Guckert, Soph.; Leasa Horenig, Jr; Melinda Virts, Sr.

Outlook: With three sound hitters and an aggressive new offense, first-year coach Guckert expects the Hawks to stay within the top three in the county. Fuka, Guckert and Virts will handle nearly all the work on offense, while an excellent service game will be split between Guckert and Virts.

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