County Lanes keeps excitement of Free State Classic rolling

County Lanes in Westminster was the site for the Free State Classic Tenpin Tour last weekend. Seventy-five entries competed for $2,860 in prize money in the 12-lane center.

Dante Hall of Cooksville, captured the top prize and a check for $800 with a scratch three-game total of 712; 87 handicap pins jumped it to 799.


Darwin Wimer finished second and won $400.

Wimer, bowling for "about 35 years," only competes in tournaments.


"I bowled leagues most of my life," Wimer said. "But work doesn't leave me enough time to commit to league play now. But I just bowl in tournaments when I can fit them into my work schedule."

And, even under less than ideal conditions, Wimer carries a 204 average. He's posted a 300 game and just missed the 800 set with a 799.

Don Messinese fired the tournament high game with 278; that helped him to a fourth-place finish. He competes in a single league, Monday nights at Fair Lanes Laurel.

"I just bowl in the one league," he said. "But I never miss a tournament on the weekends. I don't care where they're bowling, I'll be there."

The 278 game that he fired at County Lanes in the Free State event could have been his third 300 game this year.

"It could have been another 300 game," he said. "The condition at County Lanes was excellent."

Hampstead DBT Results

The Duckpin Bowlers Tour drew 145 duckpin bowlers to the Hampstead Bowling Center last weekend. After three days of competition, $2,330 had been paid to 23 contest ants.


Phil "Muddy" Edwards, fourth-seeded after the qualifying rounds, defeated four opponents in the stepladder finals to capture the first prize of $800.

David Noyes of Manchester was the top seed, but had only a single game that you could call bad. That bad game came in the last match and cost him the championship.

Edwards would not have been in the finals if it had not been for his wife, Josie Sponaugle.

On Saturday, she qualified for the Sunday finals, but he didn't. But because he had to stick around for the finals with Sponaugle, he re-entered the tournament, bowled well enough to be seeded and then won every one of his stepladder games.

Noyes, who received an honorable mention for the 1993-94 season from the Baltimore Duckpin Bowlers Association for his 146 average, continues to emerge as one of the better duckpin bowlers in Carroll County.

The DBT will be at Fair Lanes Middlesex next weekend, with a singles event and an $800 first prize.


The DBT will play host to a doubles event at Stoneleigh Lanes Sept. 30 and Oct. 1-2. First prize will be $800.