State GOP hopes for big gains in Nov. CAMPAIGN 1994 -- MARYLAND LEGISLATURE


Maryland's growing Republican Party is hoping November will bring it more seats than ever in the Democratic-controlled General Assembly.

Republicans are watching several hot state Senate races where they could topple powerful incumbents or advance their march into rural and suburban areas.

"There's a Republican wave coming this year," said GOP Del. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., who gave up his seat to run for Congress. "It's a question of how big it's going to be."

Republicans hope the November general election will boost their membership from 34 seats, or 18 percent of the 188-seat legislature, to at least 50 seats, said Lance D. Copsey, executive director of the Maryland Republican Party. If successful, the GOP would make up more than a quarter of the assembly.

Democratic leaders, however, say they're dreaming.

"Republicans are going to add some seats in both the Senate and House, but I think their nominee for governor will not have as long coattails as would have been those of Helen Bentley," said Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., a Democrat from Prince George's County.

The Republican nominee, Ellen Sauerbrey, is more conservative than Mrs. Bentley, who lost big on Tuesday.

This is the first election since the legislature redrew its district boundaries in 1992, so many candidates will be running in unfamiliar territories. For that reason, partisan and independent pundits alike said they could not predict the outcome of some of the hotter races.

The races to watch include Senate contests in Montgomery, Howard and Baltimore counties, Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore.

In Montgomery, the county's most powerful senator, Democrat Laurence Levitan, faces a vigorous challenge from Republican Del. Jean W. Roesser.

As chairman of the Budget and Taxation Committee, Mr. Levitan, 60, is influential on budget matters statewide. He also boasts that he is best able to bring home the bacon for Montgomery, such as money for schools. Many residents of the wealthy county applaud those efforts because they believe the legislature is too quick to siphon off their tax dollars and send the money to poorer jurisdictions.

The question for some of his supporters is whether Mr. Levitan will get the word out about his influence. Unlike most politicians, the wry senator does not relish the hand-pumping, door-knocking and sign-waving work of campaigning.

"I will be knocking on doors, and I will stand at shopping centers, but I won't do it every day," Mr. Levitan said. "I think I have a message to get out -- the county certainly doesn't want to lose the clout I can bring."

Although certainly no power-broker in Annapolis, Ms. Roesser, 64, has an advantage. She has more time than Mr. Levitan, a lawyer, to devote to campaigning and constituents because she has no other job. A tireless campaigner, she is known and liked for attending many community meetings back home.

Even if Mr. Levitan manages to spread the message of his power, Ms. Roesser plans to use it against him. She happily points out that he used his leadership role to help push for higher taxes -- taxes she opposed.

Ms. Roesser has the backing of former Vice President Dan Quayle, who was scheduled to attend her fund-raiser Friday night.

The event could backfire, said Susan Turnbull, a Democratic Party official from Montgomery.

"I would say that Dan Quayle's coming out for a fund-raiser for Jean Roesser is the best thing that could happen for Larry Levitan," Ms. Turnbull said, because it highlights Ms. Roesser's conservatism. The Washington suburb is more moderate than Ms. Roesser, she said.

Although incumbents such as Mr. Levitan usually have an edge, incumbency isn't considered as big a force in the first election after redistricting. "Redistricting reduces the power of incumbency at a general level, so it increases the competitiveness for offices," said Herbert C. Smith, a political science professor at Western Maryland College.

Another veteran senator facing a spirited challenge is Democrat Thomas L. Bromwell of Baltimore County.

A Republican delegate, John J. Bishop, hopes to retire Mr. Bromwell in the county's redrawn 8th district. Although Democrats have an edge in voter registration there, they also have a history of voting Republican in national and State House elections. "This is an area where party label doesn't mean as much as in some other areas," said Mr. Bishop, 46, an administrator with the state Department of General Services.

Geography, however, is likely to help the plain-speaking Mr. Bromwell, 45, who owns a small construction business. The district includes most of Mr. Bromwell's old territory and little of his challenger's previous turf.

Mr. Bromwell, who had a fight in the Democratic primary, isn't taking anything for granted. "I've knocked on more doors this election than I have in the past two," he said.

Officials in both parties also recommend watching the Senate battle between two politically savvy delegates in Howard County -- Democrat Virginia M. Thomas and Republican Martin G. Madden.

Ms. Thomas, 53, knocked off three-term Sen. Thomas M. Yeager in the Democratic primary Tuesday, much to her surprise. With a degree in social work, Ms. Thomas has served as vice chairwoman of the House committee that deals with health and environmental issues.

Mr. Madden, 45, an insurance agent and first-term delegate, enjoys campaigning and has strong Republican support.

Mr. Copsey, the Republican Party director, said he believes Mr. Madden's conservative politics are "more in tune with the district."

A prominent Democrat made one concession on the race. "Madden is an unbelievably great campaigner," Mr. Miller said. "I can't predict that one."

Republicans are hoping to pick up two Senate seats left open by the retirement of veteran Democrats in rural parts of the state.

Sen. Frederick C. Malkus Jr. stepped down after 44 years representing the middle part of the Eastern Shore, leaving two experienced politicians to battle it out.

One is Democrat Samuel Q. Johnson III, 55, a conservative, three-term delegate. He is facing Republican Richard Colburn, 44, a former delegate who left Annapolis to run for Congress in 1990, but lost.

The retirement of another Democratic veteran, seven-term Sen. Charles H. Smelser, leaves Republicans hungrily eyeing a conquest in his rural district in Frederick and Carroll counties.

Mr. Smelser's Senate seat is the last Democratic one in Western Maryland. Republican senators represent the rest, stretching from Carroll to Garrett counties.

Democrat Del. George H. Littrell Jr., 60, a retired school principal and three-term legislator from Frederick, faces Republican Timothy R. Ferguson of Westminster.

Mr. Ferguson, 39, an engineering consultant, is making his first bid for public office. He gained campaign experience working for two prominent Republicans, state Sen. Larry E. Haines and U.S. Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett.

"George Littrell has more name recognition and probably is the favorite," said pollster Brad Coker, president of Mason-Dixon Political/Media Research Inc. "But the Republican is a young guy who's running hard."




District 1

Edward A. Malloy Jr. D

John J. Hafer* R

District 2

Laura J. Wright D

Donald F. Munson* R

District 3

Charles R. Luttrell D

John W. Derr* R

District 4

George Littrell D

Timothy R. Ferguson R


District 5

Cynthia H. Cummings D

Larry E. Haines* R

District 6

Michael J. Collins* D

Alfred E. Clasing Jr. R

District 7

Norman R. Stone Jr.* D

Russell Mirabile R

District 8

Thomas L. Bromwell* D

John J. Bishop R

District 9

(Democrat to be chosen by State Central Committee)

F. Vernon Boozer* R

District 10

Delores G. Kelley D

Jerome Goodman R

District 11

Paula C. Hollinger* D

Richard Manski R

District 12

Edward J. Kasemeyer D

David P. Maier R

District 13

Virginia M. Thomas D

Martin G. Madden R

District 14

James P. Mundy D

Christopher McCabe* R

District 30

John C. Astle D

Mary M. Rose R

District 31

Philip C. Jimeno* D

Nancy M. Schrum R

District 32

Michael J. Wagner* D

Edward Middlebrooks R

District 33

John A. Cade* R


District 34

Habern Freeman* D

David R. Craig R

District 35

William H. Amoss* D

Gwendalynne G. Corkran R

Catharine Wilson I

District 40

Ralph M. Hughes* D

Melvin Stubbs R

District 41

Clarence W. Blount* D


District 42

Barbara A. Hoffman* D

J. Gary Lee R

District 43

John A. Pica Jr.* D


District 44

Larry Young* D


District 45

Nathaniel J. McFadden D


District 46

Perry Sfikas D


District 47

George W. Della* D

John A. Hoffman R


District 15

Laurence Levitan* D

Jean W. Roesser R

District 16

Brian E. Frosh D

Daniel J. Cronin R

District 17

Jennie M. Forehand D


District 18

Christopher Van Hollen D

Albert E. Bullock R

District 19

Leonard H. Teitelbaum D

Lynn Siguenza R

District 20

Ida G. Ruben* D

John C. Leahy R

District 21

Arthur Dorman* D

Herman B. Bouma R

District 22

Paul G. Pinsky* D

John A. Schaffer R

District 23

Leo E. Green* D


District 24

Decatur W. Trotter* D


District 25

Ulysses Currie D


District 26

Gloria Lawlah* D

Mary Bell G. Shepherd R

District 27

Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.* D

Joan Austin R

District 39

Gene W. Counihan D

Patrick J. Hogan R


District 28

Thomas M. Middleton D

James Easter R

District 29

Roy Dyson D

James M. McKay R


District 36

Walter M. Baker* D


District 37

Samuel Q. Johnson III D

Richard F. Colburn R

District 38

Dennis C. Donaldson D

J. Lowell Stoltzfus R



District 1A

George C. Edwards* R


District 1B

Betty Workman* D

Stephen P. Crossland R

(Vote for one)

District 1C

Casper R. Taylor Jr.* D


District 2A

Richard E. Roulette D

Robert A. McKee R

(Vote for one)

District 2B

D. Bruce Poole* D

Richard D. Wiles R

(Vote for one)

District 2C

John P. Donoghue* D

Bertrand Iseminger R

(Vote for one)

District 3

Royd Smith D

Sue Hecht D

Ronald L. Sundergill D

Louise V. Snodgrass R

J. Anita Stup* R

Melvin L. Castel R

District 4A

Thomas H. Hattery* D

Thomas G. Slater D

David R. Brinkley R

Paul S. Stull R

(Vote for two)

District 4B

Roy Pfeiffer D

Donald B. Elliott* R

(Vote for one)


District 5

Phillip R. Deitchman D

Richard N. Dixon* D

Ellen L. Willis D

W. David Blair R

Joseph M. Getty R

Nancy Reter Stocksdale R

District 6

Diane DeCarlo D

E. Farrell Maddox* D

Michael H. Weir* D

Nancy Hastings R

Kenneth Holt R

Michael J. Davis R

District 7

John S. Arnick* D

Joseph J. Minnick D

Jacob J. Mohorovic Jr. D

Robert J. Parsons R

Jacqueline W. Madison R

District 8

Daniel E. McKew D

Katherine Klausmeier D

John G. Disney D

James F. Ports Jr.* R

Alfred W. Redmer Jr.* R

Calvin Clemons R

District 9A

Shelley Buckingham D

Raymond A. Huber D

A. Wade Kach* R

Martha S. Klima* R

(Vote for two)

District 9B

Stephen W. Lafferty D

James M. Kelly R

(Vote for one)

District 10

Shirley Nathan-Pulliam D

Joan N. Parker D

Emmett C. Burns Jr. D

Clifford H. Andrews R

Alicia Walker R

Clifton McDonald R

District 11

Robert L. Frank D

Michael J. Finifter D

Dan K. Morhaim D

Michael Buchanan R

Christian Cavey R

Jodi L. Hammerman R

District 12A

James E. Malone Jr. D

Kenneth H. Masters* D

Donald Drehoff R

Donald E. Murphy R

(Vote for two)

District 12B

Elizabeth Bobo D

Charles E. Scott R

(Vote for one)

District 13A

Frank S. Turner D

Shane Pendergrass D

Michael Grasso R

Kenneth Miller R

Arthur Reynolds I

(Vote for two)

District 13B

John Giannetti Jr. D

John S. Morgan R

(Vote for one)

District 14B

Andrew D. Levy D

Carolyn H. Willis D

Robert H. Kittleman* R

Robert L. Flanagan* R

(Vote for two)

District 30

Michael E. Busch* D

Virginia P. Clagett D

John C. Eldridge Jr. D

Joan Beck R

Ralph C. Rosacker II R

Phillip Bissett R

District 31

Joan Cadden* D

W. Ray Huff* D

C. Stokes Kolodziejski* D

Douglas Arnold R

Victoria L. Schade R

John Leopold

District 32

Thomas H. Dixon III D

Mary Ann Love* D

Victor A. Sulin* D

James E. Rzepkowski R

Gerald P. Starr R

Michael W. Burns R

District 33

David G. Boschert D

Marsha G. Perry* D

Michael F. Canning D

Janet Greenip R

David Almy R

Robert C. Baldwin R

District 34

Rose Mary H. Bonsack* D

Mary L. Preis* D

B. Daniel Riley D

Nancy Jacobs R

Scott Williams R

Kenneth A. Thompson R

District 35A

Donald C. Fry* D

Joseph V. Lutz D

James F. Greenwell R

James M. Harkins* R

(Vote for two)

District 40

Tony E. Fulton* D

Salima S. Marriott* D

Howard P. Rawlings* D

District 41

Margaret H. Murphy* D

Nathaniel T. Oaks D

Frank D. Boston* D

Edward J. Eagan R

Harry E. Grant R

Daniel S. O'Shea R

District 42

James W. Campbell* D

Maggie McIntosh* D

S.I. Sandy Rosenberg* D

District 43

Gerald J. Curran* D

Ann Marie Doory* D

Kenneth C. Montague Jr.* D

District 44

Clarence M. Mitchell IV D

Elijah Cummings* D

John D. Jefferies* D

District 45

Hattie N. Harrison* D

Clarence Davis* D

Talmadge Branch D

District 46

Carolyn Krysiak* D

Cornell N. Dypski* D

Peter A. Hammen D

Mark C. Miller R

District 47A

Timothy D. Murphy D

Brian K. McHale* D

Gary E. Morse R

(Vote for two)

District 47B

Thomas E. Dewberry* D

Steven Cumby R

(Vote for one)


District 14A

Sandra J. Morse D

Patricia A. Faulkner R

(Vote for one)

District 15

Elizabeth T. Gentilcore D

Stuart D. Schooler D

Mark K. Shriver D

Jean Cryor R

Davis M. Richardson R

Richard LaVay* R

District 16

Gilbert J. Genn* D

Marilyn Goldwater D

Nancy K. Kopp* D

Brian Riley R

Douglas M. Brown R

Augustus Alzona R

District 17

Kumar P. Barve* D

Michael R. Gordon* D

Cheryl C. Kagan D

Harrison W. Fox Jr. R

District 18

Leon G. Billings* D

Sharon Grosfeld D

John Adams Hurson* D

Socrates Yakoumatos R

Eric H. Myrland R

James D. Grazko R

Scott Becker I

District 19

Adrienne A. Mandel D

Carol S. Petzold* D

Henry B. Heller* D

Richard G. Solomon R

Anthony M. Mora R

John P. Hewitt R

District 20

Dana L. Dembrow* D

Peter Franchot* D

Sheila E. Hixson* D

James Harrison R

District 21

Barbara Frush D

Pauline H. Menes* D

James C. Rosapepe* D

Herbert F. Frymark R

District 22A

Anne Healey* D

Richard A. Palumbo* D

Keith L. Poptanich R

William A. McConkey R

(Vote for two)

District 22B

Rushern L. Baker III D


District 23

James W. Hubbard* D

Mary A. Conroy* D

Joan B. Pitkin* D

Paul Tucker R

Theodore Henderson R

D. Alfred Schauer R

District 24

Joanne C. Benson* D

Nathaniel Exum* D

Carolyn J. B. Howard* D

District 25

Michael A. Crumlin D

Dereck Davis D

Brenda B. Hughes* D

District 26

C. Anthony Muse D

Obie Patterson D

David M. Valderrama* D

Erich H. Schmidt R

Claude W. Roxborough R

Max L. Buff R

District 27A

James E. Proctor Jr.* D

Joseph F. Vallario Jr.* D

James A. Woods R

Elmer L. Smith R

(Vote for two)

District 27B

George W. Owings III* D

Edward B. Finch R

(Vote for one)

District 39

Anthony J. Santangelo D

Anise K. Brown D

Charles Barkley D

Raymond Beck R

Mathew Mossburg R

Barrie S. Ciliberti R

Patricia Cummings I


District 28

Samuel C. Linton D

Van T. Mitchell D

Ruth A. Hall D

Adam M. O'Kelley R

Gerald Schuster R

Thomas E. Hutchins R

District 29A

John F. Wood Jr.* D


District 29B

John F. Slade III* D

Donald L. O'Neal R

(Vote for one)

District 29C

Thomas M. Pelagatti D

Anthony J. O'Donnell R

(Vote for one)


District 35B

David D. Rudolph D

Robert H. Ward R

(Vote for one)

District 36

Wheeler R. Baker D

Ronald A. Guns* D

W. Michael Newnam* D

Sharon M. Carrick R

Allaire D. Williams R

Mary R. Walkup R

District 37A

Rudolph C. Cane D

Don B. Hughes R

Lemuel D. Chester 2nd I

(Vote for one)

District 37B

Robert Thornton Jr.* D

Philip C. Foster D

Kenneth D. Schisler* R

Adelaide C. Eckardt R

(Vote for two)

District 38

Bennett Bozman* D

Norman H. Conway* D

Charles A. Bruce Jr. D

Charles McClenahan* R

Christopher E. Mills R

Ronald L. Bireley R

SOURCE: Unofficial election returns. Voters select one senator per district. Unless otherwise noted, voters select three delegates per district.

* Incumbent

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