Title: "Northern Exposures"Author: Rob MorrowPublisher: HyperionPrice: $9.95,...


Title: "Northern Exposures"

Author: Rob Morrow

Publisher: Hyperion

Price: $9.95, paperback

Hard-core "Northern Exposure" fans -- and you know who you are -- can satisfy off-hour cravings for everything Cicely even when the television show is not on.

It seems series star Rob Morrow, a k a Dr. Joel Fleishman, knows his way around a camera. The actor has put together "Northern Exposures," a collection of candid photographs of cast and crew members.

Before his acting career took off, Mr. Morrow had a lot of free time and studied photography at the New School in New York. "I developed a habit of carrying a camera with me pretty much wherever I went, and this carried over to my time on 'Northern Exposure,' " he writes.

Don't expect any earth-shattering photographic exposes in this small, paperback book.

There's actress Cynthia Geary (Shelly Tambo Vincoeur on the show) and Darren Burrows (Ed Chigliak) sitting quietly, reading, during the downtime between filming scenes. The slightly cynical "all-knowing" look captured on Ms. Geary's face "has not a trace of Shelly," Mr. Morrow's caption says.

It's obvious John Corbett (Chris Stevens) loves the camera. He's in numerous photos hamming it up. And readers get a glimpse behind-the-scenes at cast and crew as they go about the business of bringing the show to life.

@ Austen Kittredge Sr. and his wife, Abiah, are the central characters in Howard Frank Mosher's latest novel, "Northern Borders." This story about a lost way of life is set on the Kittredge family farm in northern Vermont, near Canada. There are several unforgettable scenes: a huge blue and yellow snake seemingly coiled around the Snake Man's upper body and extending down his arm; a snow owl yanking a dead hen through a net as if it were a feather duster; Lynx, the big gray cat, fighting rats in a barrel. Most unforgettable, though, is the sense of life Mr. Mosher evokes.

This novel, like Mr. Mosher's previous work, combines history, Vermont farm country, dialect, independent-minded characters and nostalgia -- sometimes too heavily applied. The 10 interlocking stories are told as a remembrance by Austen III, who lived with Austen and Abiah, his grandparents, from 1948, when he turned 6, to 1960. During the summer of 1960, Austen and his grandfather took a trip north. This trip put an end to the era recorded here. Now, Austen explains, that era lives only on these pages. The best writing in this generously crafted novel suggests it will live long.


Title: "Mathew Brady: His Life and Photographs"

Author: George Sullivan

Publisher: Cobblehill/Dutton

Length, price: 136 pages, $15.99

The title, "Mathew Brady: His Life and Photographs," indicates that author George Sullivan was determined to write a book that encompassed both Brady's time and his art. Brady's life presents a panorama of America in the volatile 19th century, especially because, as a pioneer in the art and the science of photography, Brady left so much evidence to supplement what documents could not say.

Building on the work of Louis Daguerre and Samuel F. B. Morse, Brady worked to master the techniques of taking photographs. He supervised every step of the process.

It was Abraham Lincoln who secured Brady's reputation. The photographs Brady took of the president and later of the battlefields of the Civil War are his greatest legacy. Although Mr. Sullivan emphasizes that Brady could not have taken all the photographs credited to him, Brady was responsible for the taking of these photographs, either personally or by one of the photographers in his employ. Even when disproving Brady's personal involvement, Mr. Sullivan reinforces Mathew Brady's influence on photography.


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