Doctor captures zoo animals on film


Dr. Carl Segal is a psychiatrist who has been practicing in Columbia since 1972. He is also a first-rate photographer with more than a passing interest in zoos.

In 1988, Dr. Segal put his interests in zoos and photography together and began a tour that included visits to more than 150 zoos in the United States, Canada and Western Europe. From 1988 until today, Dr. Segal estimates, he has taken more than 50,000 zoo photographs.

Portraits From Our Zoos, an exhibition of Dr. Segal's color photographs of zoo animals, is currently on display at Slayton House Gallery in Wilde Lake Village.

Through the lens of his camera, he has captured the beauty and grace of thousands of zoo animals, many photographed in the landscaped naturalistic habitats now offered by many zoos.

Dr. Segal says he hopes that his photographs will spur people to visit zoos and to join organizations that work to preserve zoos for future generations.

Custom prints of his photographic art are for sale. In addition, a catalog offers Dr. Segal's other animal portraits, if photographs of specific animals are desired. Order forms are available at Slayton House.

Fifteen percent of each sale will be donated to the Howard County General Hospital.

For Slayton House Gallery hours, please call 730-3987.


Susan M. Smith, a resident of the Pointers Run neighborhood in the Village of River Hill, has been hired as the community's first covenant adviser.

She will be responsible for duties associated with covenant enforcement and activities of the Resident Architectural Committee (RAC) in the last of Columbia's planned villages.

The River Hill Village Board of Directors appointed its first RAC this year, and the committee has been reviewing applications for exterior and in-home businesses since July.

Ms. Smith will act as an adviser to the RAC, and a liaison between the RAC and the Village Board. She will also handle the inquiries and complaints of River Hill residents and assist them with the application process.

Ms. Smith, a resident of Columbia since 1984, recently moved to River Hill from King's Contrivance, where she served as a RAC representative for three years.

She has been actively involved in the Columbia community, serving as a volunteer in the county school system, teaching Sunday school and working with the elderly.

She also served as president of the Children and Company Co-op Nursery School.



Chase Glen Apartments, in the Village of Hickory Ridge, is one of

nine Howard County apartment complexes to join the new curbside residential recycling program created by the Howard County Department of Public Works.

Paul McIntyre of the Public Works Department says the program accepts newspapers, junk mail, phone books and mixed paper of all kinds and colors.

Marked containers for paper disposal will be conveniently placed beside regular trash enclosures.

Other apartment and condominium complexes are encouraged to join this new recycling program. Property managers interested in the program can call Mr. McIntyre at 313-SORT (7678).


The Howard County Department of Public Works has also

scheduled monthly household hazardous waste days with the idea of getting people in the habit of disposing properly of all hazardous household materials.

Common household materials, such as drain cleaner, paint, paint thinner, rug cleaner, degreaser and insecticide are among items that should never be put in the garbage or dumped down the drain.

They are environmental pollutants and should be disposed of properly.

The next two hazardous waste days are scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 24, and Saturday, Oct. 15, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Pack up the items and bring them to the Gateway Building, 6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, in Gateway Industrial Park.

For more information on other Department of Public Works collection programs, call 313-2388.


No matter how prepared expectant parents think they are, they are often overwhelmed by the demands of parenthood once the baby finally arrives.

If you are among those new parents who are feeling stressed out, or are searching for answers to particular parenting problems, a free parenting seminar is being offered at Kahler Hall in Harper's Choice Village Center on Monday, Sept. 26, beginning at 11:30 a.m.

Instructor Brenda Hussey-Gardner will discuss topics including maternal health, parenting skills and early childhood development, with the focus on children under 12 months of age. An individual help session will follow.

For additional information or reservations, call 730-0770.

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