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Holly Colajezzi (above) was incorrectly identified in a photo that appeared in Thursday's editions of The Sun and The

Evening Sun.

Annapolis Panthers

1993 record: 8-5-1. Coach: Jennifer Russell.

Top players: Erika Knutson, Sr., M; Lisa Jewell, Sr., M; Sharon Carswell, Sr., D; Ali Hollander, Sr., F; Erin Miller, Sr., F; Eleni Kacoyianni, Sr., G; Angela Walton, Sr., D; Amy Brew, Jr., F.

Outlook: Imagine second-year coach Russell's surprise when Brew announced she wanted to try field hockey. Russell had coached Brew in lacrosse, and when Brew said she didn't want to play soccer this fall, Russell said, "Why not come out for field hockey?" The idea appealed to Brew, whose older sister Kate was a second-team All-County field hockey defenseman last year. "Amy will be one of our top scorers," Russell said. "You can tell by watching her in practice. She's aggressive and has incredible speed. You can put her anywhere on the field, even though she's never played before. In a scrimmage, she scored our only goal." Last season, Russell's first as head coach, Annapolis lost to Calvert in the last minute in the second round of the regional playoffs. Russell might not be blessed with a lot of returnees, but she does have a newcomer, Brew, who should provide a lift.

Archbishop Spalding Cavaliers

1993 record: 7-9. Coach: Mary Pat Bozel.

Top players: Cara Tracey, Sr., M; Anne Mattison, Sr., M; Amanda Gildark, Sr., G; Amanda Adams, Sr., D; Jami Duffy, Sr., F; Tara Shea, Sr., D; Stephanie Paxson, Jr., F.

Outlook: Spalding lost only three players, but one was Marie Swartwood, a first-team All-County center back. Swartwood, the first player Bozel has sent on to college in four seasons as coach, is starting for Division III Johns Hopkins as a freshman. Adams is in Swartwood's spot. "The team relied on Marie too much," Bozel said. "We're more well-rounded this year, with no shining star." All six seniors are three-year varsity members. The team's strength is depth. "For the first time since I've been here," Bozel said, "every player on the varsity is capable of starting. Once someone gets tired, I can put someone in and not leave a big hole on the field." Bozel still is striving to build a winning tradition. The Cavaliers have had one winner during her tenure, 8-4-1 in 1992. "But, considering Spalding was 0-12 before I arrived, we've really come up," Bozel said.

Arundel Wildcats

1993 record: 8-5. Coach: Clint Gosnell.

Top players: Lisa Howard, Jr., M; Tobi Owen, Sr., M; Michelle Haynie, Sr., A; Kim Gonski, Jr., A; Carla Navarro, Jr., M; Jamie Sroka, Sr., M; Jessica Dorr, Sr., G; Amanda Gottschall, Sr., G.

Outlook: Gosnell anticipates having a "very good team," in part because the Wildcats "now have the tools athletically. The players are quicker, faster and more seasoned. A lot of them play two or three sports. They're seasoned athletes who have game and field sense. Our strength is speed and quickness. We were fast last season, but we're even quicker this year." The Wildcats graduated a lot of defensemen and lack experience in that area. "The big problem is that ninth grade is often the field hockey entry level," Gosnell said. "It's hard to build on nothing. At Arundel, girls soccer usually has the more experienced athletes because they start in sixth, seventh or eighth grade."

Broadneck Bruins

1993 record: 5-9. Coach: Phoebe Kelly.

Top players: Ann Rodriguez, Sr., F; Colleen Harding, Jr., F; Kara Gittes, Sr., G; Debbie Knorr, Sr., D; Lisa Foertsch, Jr., F; Katie Lengyel, Jr., M; Meredith Bender, Jr., M.

Outlook: With nine seniors, most of them on the varsity since they were sophomores, Kelly thinks Broadneck will have team unity, good scoring patterns and plays and a sound defense. The main need is a more productive offense. "We've been scoring more in clinics, scrimmages and practice," Kelly said. "We've found the key to getting the ball in the cage. The players are skilled enough to be able to pound and rush the goalie."

Chesapeake Cougars

1993 record: 10-2-2. Coach: Jerry Raab.

Top players: Rachel Barrett, Sr., D; Holly Colajezzi, Sr., G; Emily Plenge, Sr., A; Cammie Owens, Sr., M; Laura Hemmings, Sr., M; Jena Sullivan, Sr., A.

Outlook: The Cougars lost eight players, including two key defenders, but "should be strong again," said Raab, who's in her 18th season. Returning for her final year is Plenge, who led Chesapeake with 11 goals and three assists. Raab will fill in around Colajezzi and Plenge, both first-team All-County last year. Colajezzi's backup is Courtney Miller, who played almost half the time. Colajezzi allowed only two goals all season, Miller three. Chesapeake lacks experience on defense, with only Barrett returning. "I hope our strength will be attack," Raab said. "That, and goalie." The team will be buttressed by juniors Kristin Bonk, Erin Piechowiak and Sara Keil, all up from the JV.

Meade Mustangs

1993 record: 5-6-1. Coach: Kelly Holden.

Top players: Kim Tolbert, Sr., FB; Anna Zollinhofer, Sr., F; Debra Hartley, Sr., HB; Melissa Davis, Jr., FB; Shenna Anderson, Jr., F; Kristina Morris, Sr., G.

Outlook: In her fifth season, Holden thinks she has a well-balanced squad capable of breaking .500. "In the past, either the defense was strong and the attack couldn't score or the attack could score and the defense couldn't keep the ball out of the goal," Holden said. "These are serious players who are willing to work hard on conditioning and to pull together." There are 14 players on the varsity, leaving Holden with only three subs. "It would be nice to have more," she said.

North County Knights

1993 record: 2-9. Coach: Julie Schubert.

Top players: Terri Baca, Sr., center; Lydia Jones, Sr., D; Tamiko Mack, Sr., A; Katie McCordic, Sr., G; Paige Strehlen, Jr., D.

Outlook: The Knights' problems are a lack of numbers and inexperience. Only 25 players turned out, not enough for a JV and varsity, so the JV was eliminated and five players were cut. There are five players with varsity experience, eight JV grads and seven newcomers, mostly freshmen. "I think we'll be OK," Schubert said. "The ninth-graders are good athletes. They played well in scrimmages." The team's strength figures to be attack, featuring Mack, Kim Blahut and Marsha Barnes. "We should score," Schubert said. "Last year we didn't score much, losing 1-0 and 2-0."

Old Mill Patriots

1993 record: 7-5. Coach: Jo Funk.

Top players: Christy Atchison, Sr., D; Meghan Emery, Sr., F; Amanda Melton, Sr., D; Jaime Greer, Sr., M; Summer Dasch, Sr., F; Cindy Gentile, Jr., F.

Outlook: Only a loss to Annapolis in last year's final regular-season game kept the Patriots out of the playoffs. With ,, nine seniors, Funk feels "really good about this team" even though goalie Terri Appleman graduated. "That's the toughest place to fill," said Funk, who will turn over the job to sophomore Amy Speargas or senior Jenny Young. The rest of the defense -- Atchison, Melton, Sandy Rouiller and Carrie Bernstein -- is back to support the new goalie. "Our strength should be a more aggressive offense and, with the nine seniors, unity and experience," Funk said.

St. Mary's Saints

1993 record: 12-4. Coach: Patti Lavell.

Top players: Lauren Kenchington, Soph., M; Katie Busik, Jr., D; Natalie Brookman, Soph., F; Shannon Moran, Soph., F; Rebecca Kuehn, Soph., F; Unjoo Lim, Sr., M; Dana Rigot, Jr., D; Shannon Riek, Jr., F.

Outlook: Thirteen players graduated and another one moved from the area, leaving first-year coach Lavell with a squad peppered mainly with sophomores. Most of the young players, however, have played together for three or four years in a rec league. "We may be young, but we're aggressive and energetic," Lavell said. "We'll do a lot of scoring, be competitive and surprise some people." The midfield, led by Busik, Kenchington and Lim, is fast, quick and goal-hungry. What the Saints lack most is depth. "The JV has lost only two games in four years," Lavell said. "I think we'll do a lot of scoring and have a really good season."

Severn Admirals

1993 record: 7-4-5. Coach: Amy McConnell.

Top players: Joyce Wu, Sr., D; Meghan Bauer, Jr., F; Carrie Cole, Sr., M; Liz Cullen, Sr., M; Jill Stursa, Sr., G; Aimee Nepomucena, Sr., F; Erin Fowler, Sr., F; Megan Alexander, Sr., F.

Outlook: The defense, anchored by Wu, Elizabeth Edsall and Amy Galebach, plays so well together that first-year coach McConnell can switch them from position to position without loss of efficiency. "They're interchangeable," McConnell said. "In case injury, they can easily move to another defensive spot." The team will be built around the nine seniors who have played together for three years. A skilled front line, all juniors and seniors, allows McConnell to substitute freely without missing a step.

Severna Park Falcons

1993 record: 16-0. Coach: Lil Shelton.

Top players: Diane Mooney, Sr. F; Megan Smith, Sr., M; Melissa Ballance, Sr., M; Sarah Horn, Jr., F; Becky Shank, Jr., D; Tara Taylor, Sr., G; Anne Marie Carullo, Sr., D; Molly Dewees, Sr., G; Beth Koch, Sr., D.

Outlook: The defending state Class 4A champion Falcons, who gave up only two goals last season and finished No. 1 in The Baltimore Sun poll, have visions of a repeat. "Our expectations are the same as usual," Shelton said. "I'd hate to think I would expect anything less." Shelton again has "a really strong first string and six or seven people who can go in without the level of play dropping." The Falcons' main need? Shelton says it's to be able to put a full second team in without loss of efficiency. As usual, Severna Park's strength is teamwork, sharp stickwork, passing and the players' sense of where their teammates are, which is born of experience. "They all bring that style of play to the team," Shelton said. Junior Jill Cook and sophomore Amy Noble, up from the JV, are expected to contribute goals.

Southern Bulldogs

1993 record: 2-10. Coach: Carolyn Knowles.

Top players: Missy Bond, Jr., F; Rebecca Toney, Sr., F; Kristy King, Jr., M; Jessie Dixon, Jr., G; Shonna Dooman, Sr., D; Jillian Williams, Soph., F; Laura Hudgins, Soph., F.

Outlook: The Bulldogs have a JV for the first time in Knowles' seven seasons, which bodes well for a school that's in its ninth year of field hockey. "We have 32 players, JV and varsity, compared to 21 last year," Knowles said. "That puts pressure on everybody to be better. Every day the team is looking better." King, a transfer from Franklin High, where she played two years, is an unexpected gift. From the first day, Knowles noticed that King picked up things quickly -- "too quickly for a new player." King said she wanted to play defense, but Knowles persuaded her to play center link. "That's where you want your strongest player," Knowles said. "You need someone with good skills who can really move. She's doing a good job. That's one position I don't have to worry about." To improve on last year's 2-10 record, the Bulldogs will have to score more, after losing eight games by one goal.

South River Seahawks

1993 record: 1-11. Coach: Julie Venit.

Top players: Cara Hutchinson, Sr., M; Tara Andrews, Jr., F; Lauren Waleryscak, Soph., F; Nikki Donaldson, Sr., D.

Outlook: Venit has "no clue" what to expect from the team after a few scrimmages. If the players become more aggressive, stop more shots and generally improve on defense, the Seahawks might be able to realize Venit's goal of a .500 season. One good sign: Thirty players turned out for the JV and varsity, an increase of six over last year.

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