JUST A LOT of bitter, jealous friends."That...


JUST A LOT of bitter, jealous friends."

That was the fallout for Jack Germond, syndicated columnist in The Baltimore Sun's Washington bureau, in the days after actress Dana Delany was quoted in US magazine that she considered him the sexiest man alive.

Mr. Germond said he wasn't sure when or whether he'll get to meet Ms. Delany, but said some mutual friends were talking about arranging a get-together. Ms. Delany's comment was picked up on the wires and the Washington Post juxtaposed a headshot of the bald columnist with a photo of the actress dressed in whips-and-chains garb for an upcoming film. Except for a half-dozen needling phone calls from friends, the amusing item hardly interrupted Mr. Germond's vigil inside the Beltway, the writer indicated.

A few years ago, the 38-year-old Ms. Delany had made a similar comment to the Post's TV critic Tom Shales. Mr. Germond promptly made it a point to catch the re-runs of "China Beach," the television series in which Ms. Delany starred for several years. "Intelligent, extraordinarily good-looking woman," Mr. Germond thought.

The columnist doesn't sound like he's getting a big head over this, however. "She's got a little blind spot, that's all," he says demurely.

Our man in Washington wasn't flattered to death? Hey, who's the actor here?

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