Action Packed to begin making unique NHL collectibles

Action Packed became an NHL licensee this year, something the company had sought for several years. But the license is not to produce cards.

The company that first put gold foil on trading cards is branching out -- sort of.


Hockey fans won't be able to get a pack of Action Packed cards or assemble a set. But they can buy some items that are a lot like cards.

One is the Mammoth Card, a comic book-sized piece of embossed cardboard that looks like an oversized Action Packed card. It made its debut this summer in an NFL version.


The Big Picture looks like a regular Action Packed card -- an engaging embossed photo -- but it opens into a larger picture that may not be what you had expected. On the back is a head shot of the player and information on the photo. These come four to a pack, and, like trading cards, contents are a surprise. There are random gold cards, and packaging is similar to that of this year's NFL cards.

Badge of Honour, a 60-player pin set, is also packed in a plastic box sandwiched between cardboard covers. A window reveals one pin, and the other three are hidden.

For collectors who want no surprises, Coastars come in clear packaging. There are six plastic coasters per pack, each decorated with a player and his 1993-94 statistics. One side has the home uniform (and home stats), the other the road uniform (and road stats).

:. Look for these items some time in October.

High-end Donruss

Donruss is joining the super-premium field with Leaf Limited, a 160-card set. It features a silver holographic design and the highest-quality paper ever used by Donruss. Donruss says it will produce 3,000 20-box cases, its most limited product. There will be an 18-card gold insert set (10,000 numbered cards per player) of the All-Star Game starter.

Ripken checklist

Bill Haelig's 9-year-old checklist of Cal, Bill and Cal Ripken Sr. memorabilia is up to 40 pages. Collectors can get one by sending 12 29-cent stamps to Haelig at P.O. Box 409, Blandon, PA 19510.


Fleer baseball update

Fleer is putting traded veterans and free agents into their proper uniforms for its 210-card boxed update set. The set also includes rookies. A 10-card tribute subset salutes the game's top stars, including Oriole

Cal Ripken.

Golden extras in factory set

Upper Deck's Collector's Choice baseball factory sets have the 670 regular cards from Series 1 and 2 plus five cards with gold facsimile autographs.

Bobbing into basketball


Sports, Accessories & Memorabilia, which has been producing baseball and football bobbing head dolls, will bring out its first basketball products in September/October -- Larry Bird and David Robinson. Former NFL player Dan Dierdorf and the Three Stooges joined SAM's lineup this summer.

Other bobbers that will be introduced are NASCAR driver Bill Elliott and hockey great Wayne Gretzky (November), a set of four mini-bobbers showing Nolan Ryan at four stages of his career (December), and James Dean and Marilyn Monroe (pre-Christmas). Call (800) 4-TEAMHDS.


Upper Deck's 315-card Parkhurst Series One will be available this month. The insert cards include Vintage (styled after Parkhurst cards of the 1950s) and gold-foil versions of the regular cards. (Shown is Wayne Gretzky.) The suggested retail price of a 10-card pack has been reduced to 99 cents. Look for Series Two in February 1995.