Catonsville's McElhose a money bowler

Everybody looks forward to putting up big numbers, but it's most impressive when you throw a high game or high set when money is on the line.

Theresa McElhose made sure that both her career high duckpin figures came at the right time -- in a tournament.


McElhose of Catonsville has been bowling since 1978.

"Last year I carried a 118 average," she said. "That's down from the year before when it was 126.


"I just bowled badly, I think I was trying too hard. It was my first year in the Women's Pro Tour and I think I put too much pressure on myself."

Besides the Pro Tour, McElhose bowls in the Monday Quad league at Fair Lanes Westview and the Duckpins Bowlers Tour.

The high game and set?

"The high set came in 1992 in the National Tournament," McElhose said. "I was bowling in the doubles event with Cathy Schriner, and I shot a 474 set and we took first place."

In July at Fair Lanes Southwest she was bowling in the Duckpin Bowlers Tour when she popped her career high single game -- 208.

Out of the NYDA

Danny Schreiber of Dundalk turned 18 in February and could continue to bowl in the National Youth Duckpin Association for the next three years. But he won't.

"I want to bowl in the adult leagues because I want the tougher competition," Schreiber said. "So this year I'll be bowling in three adult leagues."


He will bowl in the Monday Men's at Fair Lanes Eastpoint, the Saturday traveling league out of Edgemere and will bowl in a triple league with his dad at Fair Lanes Middlesex on Wednesdays.

Bowling since he was 6 or 7, he carried a 125 average his last season in the NYDA.

As a youth bowler, he fired his career high game and set for a world record, rolling games of 198, 172 and 180 for a 550 series.

Now a freshman at Dundalk Community College, he'll bowl in adult leagues and in the Duckpin Bowlers Tour.

The weekend of Aug. 12-14 in the DBT at Fair Lanes Westview he shot a qualifying round of 462 to advance to the stepladder finals.

In his first match of the finals he defeated Tobey Kraft, 174-150. In the second, he fired a 143 to Mike Sommers' 126.


In the final match for the championship, he bowled a 158 to beaBarry Antkowiak.

That victory brought him a check for $1,500. Youth bowlers cannot accept money prizes. That's one of the reasons Schreiber likes bowling against adult competition.

Tournament news

The Duckpin Bowlers Tour will be at Fair Lanes Pikesville Friday, Saturday and next Sunday. It's a singles format with a guaranteed first-place prize of $800. For information, call (410) 00 486-1444.