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Douglas B. Kendrick, 87, a doctor and...


Douglas B. Kendrick, 87, a doctor and retired Army major general who once headed Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, died on Friday at Watauga Hospital in Boone, N.C. In 1966, he was among the surgeons who removed former President Dwight D. Eisenhower's gallbladder.

Luis Beltran, 58, one of the Philippines' best-known broadcasters and newspaper commentators, died yesterday of an apparent heart attack in Manila, Philippines. In 1972, he was among thousands of journalists, politicians and others arrested when President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law. He was freed about six months later. In 1987, he wrote in the Philippine Star that President Corazon Aquino had "hidden under her bed" during a coup attempt a few months earlier. He said the phrase wasn't meant literally, but Mrs. Aquino filed criminal libel charges against him and executives of the newspaper. They were convicted. An appeal was pending.

Jane G. Benet, 69, longtime food editor for the San Francisco Chronicle and the author of two cookbooks and three nationally syndicated cooking columns, died of cancer Sunday in Santa Rosa, Calif. She wrote "The San Francisco Cookbook" and the "San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook."

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