Executive candidates splurge on advertising CAMPAIGN 1994


The money flowed out much faster than it came into the campaigns of the four major candidates for Baltimore County executive, according to finance reports for the 16-day period ending Friday.

With Tuesday's primary drawing close, expensive television and direct mail advertising took its toll on the candidates' treasuries.

For example, media ads drained $66,812.14 of incumbent Republican Roger B. Hayden's money. The executive's first television spots appeared this week on commercial stations.

Mr. Hayden raised $7,862 during the 16 days, but spent $102,259. He reported that he had $66,513 left to spend.

Mr. Hayden's chief Republican opponent, Donald Brewer of Eastpoint, said he had not added to the $5,765 he reported in mid-August. He said he spent most of the $1,673 remaining after the August report for a direct mail appeal to voters. George Egbert of Aero Acres, the other Republican candidate, has not reported raising or spending anything.

A money pattern similar to Mr. Hayden's was evident for Democrats Melvin G. Mintz, Charles A. Dutch Ruppersberger III and John C. Coolahan, though on a much more modest scale.

Mr. Mintz spent $57,638 for media advertising and an additional $22,494 for advertising sent directly to homes. He still has $171,350 on hand, slightly more than the $164,000 he and his family have lent his campaign.

Mr. Ruppersberger reported paying $180,913 for media advertising, mostly for television commercials, of $186,401 spent during the 16 days. He raised $43,112 in new funds and reported having $41,259 left for the primary campaign's final days.

Mr. Coolahan raised no new money and spent $7,453 on advertising, mainly radio ads. His low-budget campaign, which raised $26,125, still had $7,123 Friday.

"I've always been a long shot," Mr. Coolahan said yesterday as he fought a summer cold. "I'm hoping that [American Joe] Miedusiewski pulls well on the Eastside," he said. Mr. Coolahan has endorsed Mr. Miedusiewski's gubernatorial campaign.

Mr. Hayden, with $666,704 collected since his 1990 victory, is the champion fund-raiser so far, although much of his money has been spent for routine campaign expenses during the last three years.

Throughout his term, Mr. Hayden has kept a campaign office on York Road with a staff paid from campaign funds. Most previous county executives gave up their campaign offices after the election and often installed their campaign managers and some workers in county-paid jobs.

Mr. Ruppersberger, with $447,462 raised for the campaign, is tops for the Democrats, with Mr. Mintz, bolstered by his hefty loans to his campaign, close behind. Mr. Mintz reported raising $420,085.

Kevin Pearl, the Lyndon LaRouche follower running both for county executive and a seat on the 10th District Democratic State Central Committee, did not file a finance report. The 50-plus LaRouche candidates in the state filed a joint report.

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