At centers, MOS is actually the MVP

MOS is the title that Brunswick Recreation Centers gives to the unsung hero of the bowling public.

The letters MOS stand for mechanical operations supervisor. And he covers a lot of territory.


"I'm the guy who makes sure the air conditioning is working when it's 100 degrees," said Robin Antonio.

"I make sure that the potholes in the parking lot are filled. I make sure that the restrooms are clean and functioning. When anything goes wrong, they call for me."


How about the pin setters?

"One of the main concerns, of course," he said. "They better be working right or I really hear about it."

Antonio has been a Brunswick employee for 17 years. Born in hTC Long Island, now living in Ellicott City, he has been at Brunswick Normandy since June.

"I'm so busy that I don't even have time to get out on the lanes," he said.

Not getting out on the lanes is something that he misses . . . a lot.

Bowling for about 20 years, he carried an average in the 190s

with a high game of 277 and a high set of 723.

Another new face at Normandy


Warren Smith had been a familiar face at Brunswick Columbia for seven years. He has been at Brunswick Normandy since June.

The Catonsville native, now living in Ellicott City, worked the control counter at Columbia. With the transfer to Normandy he has become the assistant manager.

Last season he bowled in a single league, the Thursday Columbia Mixed. He finished with a 196 average. His career high game is 279, his high set 682.

"This year I'd like to get that average over 200," Smith said. "So

this season I plan on bowling in two leagues."

Price break


Any time lanes are available through Sept. 11 you can bowl for 99 cents a game at any Brunswick Recreation Center in the Baltimore area -- Columbia and Normandy as well as Crown Lanes in Middle River and the Perry Hall center.