Two men assault, rob woman, grab 2-week-old infant


MYERSVILLE -- Two men assaulted and robbed a Myersville woman and kidnapped her 2-week-old baby last night after forcing the woman to stop her vehicle on Highland School Road, the Frederick County sheriff's office says.

The baby was found unharmed several hours later alongside a road not far from where she was kidnapped.

Authorities stopped numerous vehicles at roadblocks last night, but did not catch the kidnappers. The search was resuming today.

Karen Bruchey, 23, of Gambrill Park Road, was driving a Chevrolet Blazer in the 12000 block of Highland School Road about 9 p.m. when an object struck the windshield.

The woman stopped, but before she could investigate, a man wearing black clothing opened the door, cut the woman on the face and neck with a sharp weapon and stole her jewelry.

At the same time, a second man, also wearing black clothing, grabbed the woman's 2-week old daughter, Rebecca.

Both men fled into a nearby woods.

Moments after the nearly hysterical woman reported the incident, sheriff deputies, Maryland Park Rangers, state troopers and volunteer firefighters from the Myersville and Wolfsville fire departments, along with K-9 units and at least one State Police helicopter started a search.

More than five hours later, deputies searching along Fisher's Hollow Road near Highland School Road heard the sound of a baby crying several feet off the shoulder.

Looking into an area covered with weeds, the officers found the infant on the ground wrapped in a blanket and fully clothed. A sheriff's spokesman said the baby was still warm, indicating that she had been placed near the roadway shortly before being found.

The baby was immediately returned to her parents.

Anyone with information about the two men being sought should call the county sheriff's office at (301) 694-1046.

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