Principals decide to continue as game chaperons


County school principals have scuttled immediate plans for a job action that could have affected the boys' football season, citing progress in talks with the school board over a raise dispute.

The principals had been considering "working to rule" by not chaperoning boys' football games, often held at night. The first game is scheduled for Sept. 9.

Problems in labor relations surfaced in June when the eight-member school board told the four unions representing school employees that they would not receive raises given for length of service and guaranteed in the contracts.

The unions objected and initially refused to negotiate.

In August, the union representing the principals sued to get a court to uphold the contract.

Late last month, the board offered the longevity raises, in exchange for health care package concessions, to three unions, but not to the principals. The board said it would not make an offer to the principals because of the lawsuit.

The proposal now before the board would grant a "me too" provision to the principals' union contract and entitle members to benefits given other union employees, including the longevity raises.

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