It's time for Andrew Maynard to punch out


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Yes, advice is easy to dispense, but this qualifies as more of a plea: Former Olympic gold medalist Andrew Maynard of Laurel should find another line of work outside the boxing ring. Drew went against the USBA cruiserweight champion Sergei Kobozev in Miami Beach Saturday night and was hammered in every round before the fight was stopped in the 10th. The three judges scored every round for the victor. It has been this way too many times now.

* Just about everyone admits tennis is in a down period or an out-and-out drag, but they're talking about a half-million people showing up for the two-week U.S. Open under way today (USA Network, 11 a.m.).

* Beyond remarkable is an apt description of what gymnast Dominique Dawes of Gaithersburg accomplished at the National Championships over the weekend. As if adding gold medals on each of the individual apparatuses (floor, balance beam, uneven bars and vault) after winning the all-around wasn't enough, she did it with two-time world champ and Olympic medalist Shannon Miller competing and at the top of her game and finishing second.

* Hey, gang, Michael Jordan is closing with a rush. In his last game, he lashed two bingles raising his average to .202. His Airness has three homers, but is still shaky doing picket duty (10 errors) and is having trouble getting his speed to work for him (18 caught stealings).

* Speaking of baseball (uh, who was?), the Pittsburgh Pirates have been losing money big time for several seasons. Everyone, including the city, has attempted to bail the team out. Hopeless, right? First off, 25 groups expressed an interest in purchasing the Buccos, and that list will be pared down to six for "serious negotiations" this fall.

* The official magazine of college sports, appropriately named College Sports, has picked a 125th year anniversary team and it looks like this: Roger Staubach, Red Grange, Archie Griffin and O. J. Simpson in the backfield, Howard Twilley and Johnny Rodgers at end, John Hannah, Ron Yary, Bill Fralic and John Hicks in the interior line and Dave Rimington at center. Reggie Roby's the punter and John Lee is the kicker. On defense, Hugh Green, Buck Buchanan, Bubba Smith and Lee Roy Selmon are the front four, Dick Butkus, Lawrence Taylor, Tommy Nobis and Randy Gradishar the linebackers and Ronnie Lott, Kenny Easley and Bennie Blades the defensive backs. The coach is Knute Rockne.

* The Washington Bullets should not play games. They are a much more intriguing team when not forced to go out and lose upward of five dozen contests each season. Case in point, the off-season: A good draft selection, Juwan Howard, who probably won't sign until Thanksgiving, if then. . . . They picked up proven Scott Skiles virtually free. . . . They peddle their scorers Don MacLean and Rex Chapman all over the joint but, luckily, are not successful. . . . Pervis Ellison slides away undetected (they needed his salary). . . . MacLean and Tom Gugliotta say they're going to test the free-agent market after the season. . . . Kevin Duckworth promises to get himself to the point where he can be weighed on a 300-pound limit scale, but decides he likes his Tyrannosaurus Rex look. Beats another 117-91 pounding, doesn't it?

* Last Friday slipped by with nary a mention of Giants pitcher Juan Marichal turning around and conking Dodgers catcher John Roseboro with his bat. The 1965 incident led to a 14-minute brawl and Marichal was suspended nine days and fined $1,750. Many said it should have been the other way around, fined $9 and suspended 1,750 days.

* On the occasion of the 100th running of the Boston Marathon next April, they're expecting 25,000 runners on a point-to-point course that is overloaded when just 8,000 show up. Consequently, the regular qualifiers will go at the accustomed noon start on Patriots' Day, then the stampede.

* The strike fund of the baseball players, which will see some guys walk away with $250,000 or more for their participation (doing zip), is pretty much funded by the $60 million per year the players association collects in licensing fees. Which means, of course, the overcharged souvenir buyer has a major role in underwriting this whole mess.

* According to the preseason Top 25 poll put out by the Associated Press, after Florida State, picked No. 3, the ACC should be pretty soft with only North Carolina (19), Clemson (25), Virginia (29) and Georgia Tech (40) getting any backing. No wonder Maryland's reasonably confident despite 2-9 and 3-8 campaigns.

* The Washington Capitals take a quality center (Joe Juneau), which means he passes the puck, and raise his $250,000 salary by 800 percent to $2 million per annum for four years. Then, in the next breath, say they (NHL), similar to baseball, need a salary cap just like football and basketball. What an odd way to prove the point.

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