Proof of immunization required by schoolsAll students...


Proof of immunization required by schools

All students attending Maryland schools must show compliance with immunization requirements by giving the school principal a completed Maryland Immunization Certificate.

All students who are enrolling in Maryland's public school system for the first time should also have a physical examination within nine months before entering school or six months after. Physical examination forms are available at each school.

County schools encourage parents to check their child's health record for compliance with immunization requirements and have the physician or Health Department complete the form before school starts. Required are:

For children age 7 and under: four doses of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine; three doses of poliomyelitis vaccine; two doses of measles for students entering kindergarten; and German measles (rubella) vaccine for those entering first and second grade.

Over age 7: three doses of diphtheria and tetanus, three doses of poliomyelitis vaccine, one dose of measles and German measles vaccine. Students entering sixth, seventh and eighth grade are required to have two doses of measles vaccine.

Preschool, appropriately immunized for age.

If a student must take medication while in school, a complete written physician order must be obtained by the parent or guardian; the parent or guardian must give the school written permission to administer the medication to the student and the medication must be in a labeled container with the student's name, date of order, dose, expiration date of medicine, directions for administration, and physicians name.

The pharmacy container is preferred whenever possible. For more information, contact your local school.

Board of Education will meet Sept. 8

The Howard County Board of Education will meet on Sept. 8 in the Board Room at the Department of Education, 10910 Route 108.

The meeting will begin with a listening post, when members of the public can address the board on any topic not on the meeting agenda. No advance sign-up is required.

Information: 313-7197.

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