New season heralds new trends


For those who qualify as victims of fashion -- and that includes me -- a run-down of what's "in" always makes for fascinating reading. Even if you shudder at being counted among the slaves of fashion, you may still want to know what's hot -- if only to take a contrary approach. Here, then, are my own predictions for what will be considered "in" this fall.

In the color competition, I'm betting heavily on deep, rich hues as well as on some brights. In the coming months, ultramarine Persian and indigo will be featured in the glossy design magazines. And everybody is sure to be smitten with blue.

Red will no longer be limited to accent status. Instead of being consigned to accessories, red will make a major comeback as the dominant color in room schemes. Look for red walls, red sofas and red carpets -- though not all in the same room. As with blue, all kinds of red will be "in": brick reds, orange reds, rosy reds. And that means sunny shades of yellow are sure to be popular as accents, if they're neutral enough to be used with blue.

For floor coverings, the trend is toward sisal. It will show up in natural as well as painted varieties, either bound as a rug or in wall-to-wall form. Consistent with the sisal scene, most carpets will be low-pile and most 0rugs flat-woven. Don't be surprised to see kilims, dhurries and needle-points in contemporary as well as traditional designs.

No fabric will be more "in" this fall than toile de Jouy. You'll be seeing it in lots of new color combinations.

We'll also have a whole galaxy of stars, moons, planets and angels to take us out of this world. Can astrological symbols be far behind? They're actually already here, as can be seen in this crimson, black and metallic gold JAB fabric, available through Stroheim and Romann.

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