Invitation for crabs, tournament

Purchase a $15 ticket for a September crab feast and have a chance to win a couple of hundred dollars. Not a bad deal, but there was a catch.

You had to be a pretty fair tenpin bowler and you had to get an invitation. Only bowlers who amassed at least 150 winter league games during the 1993-94 season at Harford Lanes were invited.


It was the 33rd Invitational, and Bobby Marshall, the proprietor of Harford Lanes, had 48 men and 28 women on hand over two July weekends to compete for $1,050 in prize money.

"The bowlers really only pay for the crab feast," Marshall said. "The prize money is put up by the center. It's a way of saying thanks to some of our bowlers."


The $1,050 prize fund was paid out to the top eight men and the top eight women. If the 150-game requirement is met, all the bowler needs to do is purchase a $15 ticket to the Invitational Awards Picnic and Crab Feast.

Kay Connors captured her fourth title in the women's division, and Jason Barnard, bowling in his first tournament, won the men's crown.

Jeff Barton was runner-up to Barnard, and Connie Marshall finished second in the women's division.

Connors, a Forest Hill resident, has been bowling since she was 7 years old. She finished the winter season with a 196 average; her career high game and set are 289 and 727, respectively.

Was Connors doing anything differently in the tournament?

"I was concentrating on my release and follow-through, something I started doing this summer and I slowed down a little bit [on the lanes]," she said.

Apparently the changes are working well.

"Kay averaged over 200 in the tournament," Marshall said. "And she never lost a match."


Marshall bowled in four leagues at Harford Lanes last season. Her average was 181, and she has posted career-high figures of 298 for a single game and 714 for a three-game series.

Barnard, 19, has graduated from both Havre de Grace High School and the youth leagues.

He is from a bowling family (Nancy and Ed, his parents, and his brother, Adam, are tenpin bowlers). This was his first invitational tournament.

His two-game total of 471 in the finals defeated Barton's 385.

Barton, a Conowingo resident, averaged well over 200 last season, bowling in five leagues.

In the first part of the 1993-94 winter season, in the Friday Early league at Harford Lanes, he fired a three-game series with games of 290, 235 and 300.


Edgewood woman scores 702

Yvonne Burdette, 18, bowling in the Thursday summer mixed league at Harford Lanes, pounded out games of 245, 225 and 232 for her first career 700-plus series (702).

In her second year at Essex Community College, where she's a member of the women's bowling team, Burdette is steadily expanding her horizons.

"I'm competing in the Women's All Star Association tournament now," she said. "Last week was my second tournament and I was able to cash."

Burdette averaged 188 last season; her career high game is 279.