The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck,...


The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck, ranks the major leagues' 28 teams.

Rank, Team, Previous Rank, Comment

1. Montreal Expos, 1, Does anyone know the french term for 'competitive balance?'

2. New York Yankees, 2, Regardless of the labor situation, Yankees have proven to be the best team in the American League.

3. Chicago White Sox, 4, If they're losing money now, imagine what things will be like when Frank Thomas comes back for more.

4. Cincinnati Reds, 3, Does this mean that Schottzie II is going to get laid off?

5. Atlanta Braves, 5, No more fun with Ted and Jane until this thing is settled.

6. Houston Astros, 6, Fortunately, Bagwell bagged several club records before hand injury.

7. Baltimore Orioles, 9, Despite late rush, no wild card means no one is safe.

8. Cleveland Indians, 8, If strike persists, Belle can always fall back on woodworking skills.

9. Los Angeles Dodgers, 10, Just like '81, strike couldn't have come at a better time for Dodgers.

10. Kansas City Royals, 7, Hamelin locks up AL Rookie of the Year award.

11. San Francisco Giants 11 Williams 18 homers away from Maris, for all the good it will do him.

12. Boston Red Sox, 13, Strike may be only thing keeping them from slipping into AL East cellar.

13. Oakland Athletics, 14, Forget sub-.500 record. A's are comeback team of 1994.

14. Toronto Blue Jays, 15, Lackluster season couldn't end soon enough for two-time World Champions.

15. New York Mets, 17, Mets fans very excited about third-place finish. Don't want season re-started.

16. Colorado Rockies, 16, It was fun while it lasted, but loss of Gallaraga too much to overcome.

17. Texas Rangers, 12, Rangers' division-leading 52-62 record is all you need to know about the first year of realignment.

18. Pittsburgh Pirates, 19, Larry Lucchino proved in Baltimore that he knows how to save bucks, but can he save Bucs?

19. Philadelphia Phillies, 18, Defending National League champions apparently thought strike deadline was Aug. 4.

20. Seattle Mariners, 27, First team to put a player on the disabled list for homesickness.

21. Detroit Tigers, 20, Sparky anxious to see how pitchers look on 40 days rest.

22. Milwaukee Brewers, 21, Not enough beer in the barrel to wash away the bad taste of 1994.

23. Minnesota Twins, 23, Herbie deserved a better sendoff.

24. St. Louis Cardinals, 26, If you want to see red, you should have been in Cincinnati instead.

25. Florida Marlins, 24, It's probably as good a time as any to reel them in.

26. Chicago Cubs, 22, Wrigley Field fans got to see the Cubs win just 21 games at home this year, worst in the majors.

27. California Angels, 25, Anaheim fans too busy gearing up for Mighty Ducks training camp to notice.

28. San Diego Padres, 28, Tony Gwynn deserves better than this.

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