Celebs take off their shoes to help the homeless

Baltimore Oriole Mike Devereaux is not the only celebrity to agree to take the shoes off his feet to help the South Baltimore Homeless Shelter folks raise money. Nope, Devereaux and approximately 85 other celebrities have donated their shoes to "Tough Shoes to Fill," a two-week silent auction benefit for the shelter.

Here's how it will work: At 1 p.m. Aug. 26, there will be a kick-off party at the Hess Shoe store in Towson Town Center, where the shoes will be exhibited for two weeks. Here's an example of some of the good soles to be sold: Cal Ripken Jr.'s game-worn Nike cleats; Bette Midler's custom-made Valentino shoes; Jay Leno's black Reeboks; Dan Jansen's running shoes; Jim Palmer's gardening and mulching shoes; Whoopi Goldberg's funky shoes; Shirley MacLaine's high heel pumps; George Bush's tennis shoes; Sally Thorner's wedding shoes; Rosalyn Carter's athletic shoes, and actress Glenn Close has donated the shoes she wore in "Sunset Boulevard."


Please stop by the store to place your bid at anytime during that two week period. Information on "Tough Shoes to Fill" is available at all Hess Shoe stores.

While Anthony Marshall's book "Zoo," said the Children's Zoo was the Baltimore Zoo's best feature, Allen Nyhuis, author of "The Zoo Book," went a step better calling it the best in the nation.


According to Michael Hankin, president of the Maryland Zoological Society, the renaissance of the Baltimore Zoo is something every Maryland resident should take pride in. But, he hints, you haven't seen anything yet! By 1996, when the zoo celebrates its 120th birthday, he feels this once small city zoo will rival the best in the region, nation and world. Spoken like a true president!

Shoofly is a new quarterly magazine on audio cassette (kind of like books on tape) designed to entertain children ages 3 to 7, with stories, poems and songs. I was delighted that two of the poems featured on this premiere tape, were written by Baltimorean Mel Tansill, who works for Charlestown Retirement community.

If you'd like more information about Shoofly's subscription prices, call (800) 919-9989.

When Mitch, Joe and Eddie Obrycki and their brother-in-law, Melvin Alexander, opened a little bar that sold Maryland blue crabs in 1944, they had no way of knowing their namesake, Obrycki's would be around 50 years later.

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration, Rose and Richard Cernak, who bought Obrycki's from the Obrycki family in 1976, have been asking people to send them their favorite seafood recipe, which could appear on a future menu.

There have been many responses from people like Donna Owens, who entered Donna's Seafood Fettuccine Gumbo; Bob Lindenmeyer from Timonium, sent a recipe for Crab Linden, complete with a drawing on how it should be presented; Mildred M. Esler sent her version of the fish stew, Cioppino; Betsy Hedeman of Relay sent several recipes, one of which was an Oyster Pot Pie, and Esther Blum sent a Cajun shrimp 'n rice dish. If you'd like to enter your favorite recipe, mail it to Obrycki's Recipe Contest, P.O. Box 38218, Baltimore 21231 or you can drop it by the eatery at 1727 E. Pratt St.

Did you know that there is a "Trivial Pursuit" question that asks, "What do Vanna White, Tom Landry and The Amazing Kreskin pop out of in ads for Quality Inns?" And the answer, of course, is suitcases, but did you also know that those ads are made in Baltimore under the watchful eye of the Gray Kirk VanSant agency?

Congratulations to Mark Wittstadt and Susan Dorrell on their recent marriage. Although Mark is busy campaigning for the House of Delegates, the newlyweds managed a brief Caribbean honeymoon.