Police seek gunman who fired shots into house


Aberdeen police are searching for whoever fired five shots into the residence of Richard L. Harrison, 60, in the 600 block of S. Rogers St. in the Hillside Braemar neighborhood shortly after midnight July 31.

Two windows were shattered and three shots from an unknown type of automatic weapon penetrated aluminum siding on the house, police said.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Aberdeen Police Department at (410) 272-2121.

Motorcycle helmet stolen in Havre de Grace

A Havre de Grace man told police that someone stole a white motorcycle helmet with Grateful Dead dancing bear stickers on the face shield July 31 while his Virago motorcycle was parked in the 300 block of St. John St. The loss was estimated at $200, police said.

Bel Air teen-ager accused of shoplifting

A 14-year-old Bel Air youth was arrested on a shoplifting charge after he allegedly stole a $2 item from The Toy Works at the Festival in Bel Air.

The youth was released to the custody of a parent pending further investigation and action by Juvenile Services, deputies said.


* 2900 block of Nova Scotia Road: Someone broke into a residence July 28 and stole a jewelry box and jewelry.

The loss was estimated at $4,000, deputies said.

* 600 block of Lochern Terrace: Someone stole a diamond pendant from a residence July 19.

The loss was estimated at $1,000, deputies said.


* 800 block of Kingston Court: Someone broke in through a back door of a residence July 25 and stole a television set, videocassette recorder and jewelry.

The loss was estimated at $1,100, deputies said.


* 200 block of High Meadow Terrace: Someone stole carpet from a business July 26.

The loss was estimated at $500, deputies said.


* 700 block of Stepney Road: Someone stole an outboard motor and a flashlight from a residence July 20.

The loss was estimated at $2,800, deputies said.

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