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25 Years Ago* There has been a...


25 Years Ago

* There has been a 47 percent drop in the number of persons incarcerated by Carroll County in the past fiscal year. Officials are not certain of the exact reason for the drop. Most persons sentenced for misdemeanors to jail terms by Carroll County courts are sent to the city jail in Baltimore, the costs to be borne by the county. -- Democratic Advocate, July 31, 1969.

100 Years Ago

* A portion of the Randall detachment of the Commonweal Army, which left Chicago May 1, 450 strong, marched through this city at 6 p.m. Wednesday, and encamped at Fenby, two miles out on the Washington road. The contingent now numbers 95 men under the command of Col. Elliott and Adjt. Holmes. In Westmoreland County, Pa., a large portion of the force refused to follow Randall further, only one company adhering to him and the remainder selecting Elliott as their leader. As the command approached this city, a representative was sent in advance to secure a place to camp and to gain permission of Mayor Brooks to send a wagon through the city soliciting food. He was unsuccessful in both efforts, the mayor informing him that begging would be regarded as a violation of the vagrant or tramp law, and subject the army to arrest. Sheriff Arnold and Deputy Blizzard met the body near the city limits and warned them against any violation of the law referred to. Subsequently, permission was given the men to encamp on a vacant lot belonging to Mr. E. Lynch, adjacent to the city, but the fact did not become known to the men until they had marched through toward Fenby. They were the object of much curiosity as they marched with steady, vigorous steps through Main Street, carrying four or five bright and well-kept American flags. -- American Sentinel, July 21, 1894.

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