Boy hangs self, reportedly in imitation of movie


A 12-year-old Carney boy hanged himself while simulating a scene in a new movie, Baltimore County police said they were told.

Police were calling the Friday night incident a suspicious death, pending a report from the state medical examiner's office. That report is not expected until tomorrow.

Police identified the boy yesterday as Allen McCutcheon of the first block of Ranger Court.

Officers said they were called to the house at 11:20 p.m. by the boy's parents who said they found him hanging from a railing in the foyer of the bilevel house.

County homicide investigators said the parents told them that the boy had been playing with a rope during the evening and at one point showed his father a noose he had made.

Police said the boy told his father he was going to try out the hanging scene from the movie "The Mask," starring Jim Carrey, but the father thought he was joking.

Investigators said the boy was an avid fan of Mr. Carrey, who also starred in the movie "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective."

In "The Mask," Mr. Carrey's character finds an ancient wooden mask that has magical powers. When he puts it on, he acquires superhuman powers. He can change shape at will, move faster than the eye can see and is impervious to harm.

Allen was to enter the seventh grade at Pine Grove Middle School this fall. His family had moved into the Carney neighborhood a year ago, neighbors said.

"Everyone in the neighborhood really liked him," said Wendy Klag, who lives across the street. "He cut our grass and played almost every day with my son.

"He was usually riding his bike when he wasn't shooting baskets."

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