Eat cereal, make puppet


Creating a puppet character out of one's imagination is play for children, whether a furry kitten or a scary monster. And when the curtains rise, the puppets can go on stage and laugh and cry or dare to do anything their creator imagines.

To make a cereal box puppet, you will need: 1 single-portion cereal box, paper lining removed and open end glued shut; poster paint and brushes; markers; construction paper; glue; scissors; odds and ends (feathers, pipe cleaners, bottle caps, felt scraps, etc.).

With the front of the box facing you, draw a horizontal line around the middle of the box. An adult should cut along the line PTC on the front and two sides. Fold the box along on the line on the back so you can bend back the two halves of the box. Insert your fingers and thumb in the openings to test the "mouth" of the puppet.

Paint the box or cover it with construction paper. Glue on features such as bottle caps for eyes, feathers for hair and felt for a tongue.

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