* Erwin Ringel, 73, a psychiatrist and...


* Erwin Ringel, 73, a psychiatrist and prominent Austrian social critic and author of a best-selling book on anti-Semitism, died of a heart attack Thursday in Vienna. Mr. Ringel, who denounced Adolf Hitler during World War II, drew attention late in vTC life as an opponent of Kurt Waldheim, who was elected president in 1986 despite having served in Hitler's army. His book "The Austrian Soul," published in 1984, became a best seller.

* Kevin Carter, 33, who won the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for a photograph of a vulture standing near a starving Sudanese child, died Wednesday of carbon monoxide poisoning, an apparent suicide. His body was found in his pickup truck, parked in a northern suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. Friends said he was upset by the death of a longtime friend and fellow photographer, Ken Oosterbroek, who was shot to death April 18 during factional clashes.

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