The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck,...


The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck, ranks the major leagues' 28 teams.


1. Montreal Expos, 5, Best argument for , and against , salary cap.

2. New York Yankees, 1, Looking to put hammer down on Orioles.

3. Chicago White Sox, 2, Ran into a Royal roadblock this week but still the best team in AL Central.

4. Atlanta Braves, 3, Suffering from a case of Expo-sure in the NL East.

5. Cincinnati Reds, 4, Despite Astros series, there's no place like home (35-17).

6. Houston Astros, 9, Bagwell continues to sack rest of National League.

7. San Francisco Giants, 8, Giants finally look larger than life.

8. Cleveland Indians, 6, Versatile team can drill the ball . . . and the bat.

9. Baltimore Orioles, 7, Threatening to get lost in wild-card shuffle.

10. Kansas City Royals, 13, Rolling Royals not ready to concede anything in AL Central.

11. Colorado Rockies, 10, May have reached Rocky Mountain High-water mark.

12. Oakland Athletics, 14, La Russa's genius confirmed. Make your playoff reservations now.

13. Boston Red Sox, 15, Stuck in the middle of AL East, with Blue Jays on deck.

14. Los Angeles Dodgers, 11, Sinking slowly in the West. Can they recover before it's too late?

15. Toronto Blue Jays, 16, Alphonse and Gaston routine is over. Orioles beware.

16. Texas Rangers, 12, Determined to prove that 75 victories is enough to win division title.

17. Philadelphia Phillies, 18, Have become soldiers of misfortune.

18. Pittsburgh Pirates, 17, Would be happy to show in two-team NL Central race.

19. St. Louis Cardinals, 19, If this keeps up, Budweiser Clydesdales won't be able to drag Cards back into contention.

20. New York Mets, 21, This Brogna guy is making life rough for David Segui.

21. Minnesota Twins, 23, Who let all the air out of the Metrodome?

22. Milwaukee Brewers, 24, Spirits lifted by strong series at SkyDome, but nothing doing.

23. California Angels, 20, Revised 1994 goal: Beat Mariners in race to repair damaged stadiums.

24. Chicago Cubs, 28, Have a chance to get out of cellar for first time since April.

25. Florida Marlins, 22, Little fish in a very big pond.

26. Detroit Tigers, 25, May never claw their way out of AL East cellar.

27. Seattle Mariners, 26, Sky continues to fall on baseball in the Pacific Northwest.

PD 28. San Diego Padres, 27, Frustrated friars appear to be cooked.

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