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POLICE* Westminster: An employee of the county...



* Westminster: An employee of the county public school system reported that someone broke into a maintenance van parked in the first block of Monroe St. and stole five power tools, valued at $894.

A resident of New Windsor reported someone entered her vehicle Sunday and stole property of undetermined value while the car was parked at the Crossroads Square Shopping Center.

A resident of West George Street told police someone broke into her apartment and stole property valued at $30 Saturday.

An official of Matson & Maclean Homes told state police someone entered a house under construction in the 700 block of Hess Court and stole several new windows and a sliding glass door between July 22 and July 24. The estimated value is $2,200.


* Westminster: Engines from Westminster, Reese, Pleasant Valley and Manchester went to a report of a house fire in the first block of Bond St. at 4:15 p.m. yesterday. Occupants were startled as the firefighters, dressed in turnout boots, helmets, trousers and coats, pulled up to the front of the house. The volunteers discovered the smoke coming from a neighbor's barbecue grill at a cookout in the back yard. The engines returned to their stations in 12 minutes.

Firefighters from Westminster and New Windsor investigated a 55-gallon drum with a sign "flammable" pasted to the outside lying at the side of the road in the 400 block of Warfieldsburg Road at 10:06 a.m. yesterday. The drum and its unidentified contents were removed by the Maryland Department of the Environment Spill Response Team.

Engines from Westminster and Reese were dispatched to a house fire in the 100 block of City View Ave. at 7:06 p.m. Monday. Units were out for 13 minutes.

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