A WARM April and cool May produced...


A WARM April and cool May produced glorious gardens in Baltimore this year. The hot summer may have faded some of that riot of colors, but many homeowners are working overtime to keep their gardens in shape.

One way to recognize neighborhood green thumbs is to nominate them in the annual garden contest sponsored by Beautiful Baltimore Inc. The gardens must be in Baltimore city and visible from a public street. Send entries to 303 Oakdale Road, Baltimore 21210. Include the address and name of the owner or occupant. Comments about the garden also would help judges. The deadline is Aug. 15.

Beautiful Baltimore, which survives on the contributions of volunteers, has planted thousands of flowers and shrubs around the city.


MENCKEN for Monday:

"I am not skilled in leechcraft myself, but I harbor a congenital antipathy to the simian procedures that commonly pass as exercise, and I revolt instinctively and violently against all diets, however ingenious."

-- H L. Mencken, April 1935


"IF a biography is reasonably faithful and doesn't make its fair haired hero too good to be human, it may expect a popular reception -- not because it is great stuff, but because it is grade A gossip. . . . The prize novel of the year, whose heroine poisoned her nasty old employer; the first page story in the metropolitan newspaper telling how Mrs. Smith got evidence for her divorce; the items in the village weekly announcing the birth of twins to Mr. and Mrs Jones; the back-fence conversation . . . all these are bits of fabric from the same bolt of cloth. There isn't anything more interesting than people which is to say there isn't anything more interesting than gossip."

-- H. L. Mencken in The Evening Sun, Jan. 2, 1926.

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