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One way for you to do it all is by doing some of it less


In the July 24th issue of The Sun's Today section, the "Time Saver" column was incorrectly attributed. The article had run previously in "Woman's Day" magazine.

The Sun regrets the error.

Note: The majority of questions called into the Time Saver Sundial have come from people wanting to know how to juggle their time-eating responsibilities. "How can I do it all?" Answer: You can't. Something has to give, so it may as well be something yucky, like cleaning. The following excerpt from a recent Family Circle article contains tips for minimizing time spent on one of our most odious duties.

I absolutely, positively hate to clean, which is why these quick-clean tactics are so dear to my heart. They've helped me learn to clean my house in literally half the time, yet still keep it looking presentable.

* Apply protective coating (like Scotchgard) on areas prone to stains -- the bottom of sofas, bed ruffles, curtains and chair seats.

* Put floor mats by all entrances and exits -- this will help cut down on dirt dragged in from outside.

* Avoid placing tables or desks near room entrances. They're real clutter catchers.

* Buy upholstered furniture with tweedy or patterned fabrics. They obscure dirt splotches.

* Avoid stark white or very dark colors when decorating. They show every speck of dirt.

* Install a range hood. It gets rid of about 200 pounds of grease and airborne dirt annually.

* Clean a dirty microwave by putting a dish of hot water with a slice of lemon in the oven. Boil water until steam is produced, turn off the oven and let sit for a few minutes. Wipe with a damp cloth.

* Remove the waterline marks in toilet bowls by pouring in two cups of white vinegar and soaking overnight. In the morning, just flush.

* Think of cleaning as a free exercise class. Vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting and sweeping all work off calories.

* Instead of trying to do the whole house at once, clean a small part each day so it seems like a less burdensome task.

* Use a disposable foam paintbrush for dusting blinds, getting between the slats on louvered doors or washing behind knobs on the stove.

* Use a hair dryer to blow dust off silk flowers.

Janet Sobesky is a staff writer for Family Circle magazine.

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