From The Sun July 24-30, 1844July 26:...


From The Sun July 24-30, 1844

July 26: A correspondent needs to know whether it is exactly according to rule and decency to allow loafers, black and white, to be about the benches of the market houses during the day time? It looks bad to say the least of it.

July 30: We are truly glad to notice the many improvements that are going on in our city in the way of repaving the streets. It improves the appearance and adds to the value of the property, when such changes are made.

From The Sun July 24-30, 1894

July 25: Residents of Roland Park and vicinity held a meeting last night at Roland Hall to discuss a project for the establishment of a fire company in the neighborhood.

July 27: The Colored Authors' Association occupied the morning and afternoon sessions yesterday of the American Association of Educators of Colored Youth. Rev. Harry Johnson, of North Street Baptist Church, took part in the discussions. He opposed the use of the word negro, contending that an odium is attached to the name and that there is no authority for its use to denigrate people of African descent in America.

From The Sun July 24-30, 1944

July 25: Baltimore's war boom is over, so far as Linden Avenue property owners are concerned. The workers who came to live in that area and earn their fortunes in war plants are leaving and virtually no one is coming in their place.

July 26: After a year's layoff, Bel Air, rated Maryland's top minor track, opens its gates for a ten-day meet tomorrow.

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