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For Safer KidsKomfort Kit Jr. is a...


For Safer Kids

Komfort Kit Jr. is a new emergency/survival kit designed for kids. It includes the usual emergency fare: water packs, space-age blanket, ID card, moist towelettes and one package of space-age freeze-dried food. But the freeze-dried food is "fun food" -- pizza, berry yogurt, french fries or ice-cream sandwiches.

The kit is made of sturdy cardboard with a handle. There is also a plastic bag for the child's medication and instructions, medical release forms, and an emergency card that gives pertinent information about the child and how and where to contact his or her family.

Komfort Kit Jr. can be ordered from Red Suspenders, P.O. Box 1985, Lomita, Calif. 90717; (310) 325-0059 or (800) 308-5437. Shipping and handling is included in the $13.95 price. Are your children not getting enough vigorous exercise because they're watching too much television? Here's a new product in the spirit of compromise. "Toe Belly Up Belly" is a new exercise video for children ages 4-10. It's designed to make a strenuous workout more fun. Jack Leonard, a gymnastics coach from Montgomery County, has produced this video that includes moving with the DJ from WGYM, stretching with Dracula, and pretend skiing down a mountainside. The video is available by calling (800) FIT-4FUN (348-4386). The cost, excluding tax, is $19.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling.

Be Kind to Birdies

There's a new destination for those 2-liter plastic soda bottles, and it isn't the landfill. You can use them to feed the birds in your yard, with the help of a Soda Bottle Bird Feed Adapter. The adapter fits any 2-liter plastic soda bottle and holds about 5 pounds of bird seed. It can be hung using the wire hanger that comes with it, or can be mounted onto a pole. It can be refilled or replaced easily. The Soda Bottle Bird Feed Adapter is available from Brookstone stores, at area malls. The cost is $10.

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