Taylor wins Harford Lanes ladies title

Myra Taylor, whose bowling career seemed over after elbow surgery late last year, took first place in the ladies event at the Harford Lanes Bowler of the Year Tournament while Ron Barton converted the 1-2-4-10 washout the hard way (off the wall) to defeat Kevin Lamb for the men's title.

"After elbow surgery in December [to repair nerve and tissue damage], the doctor said I'd never bowl again," Taylor laughed. "Well, for a few months I didn't."


Three months, to be exact. That's how long before the Aberdeen resident picked up a 10-pound bowling ball and returned to the lanes.

"I've been bowling, off and on, for 30 years," she continued. "And I wasn't about to give up."


So after a three-month period where she didn't pick up anything, she began bowling again. First it was just one league, then a few weeks later another league, finally, after another few weeks, a third league.

Now, using a 12-pound Pro Gyro, she has her average up to 162.

"Before I had arm trouble I used to average in the 170s," Taylor said. "Then [bowling with an elbow that hurt], my average dropped into the 150s. Now it's starting to climb again."

The right-hander has a career-high game of 256, a high set of 632.

Smith wins tenpin event

Zachary Smith had his sixth birthday celebration in December and by the end of his first season of Saturday morning YABA bowling at Harford Lanes he was able to win his first tenpin title.

Zachary, who lives in Perryville, carried a 53 average for his first full season, throwing a high game of 104.

In the Bowler of the Year Tournament, Boys B Division, he notched


his first title.

Guary wins A Division title

Dequinne Guary, 17, captured the title in the Bowler of the Year Boys A Division.

The Harford Vo Tech student has an average of 150. His high game and set are 242 and 556, respectively.

Samson near 300 game

Chris Samson of Bel Air has been bowling for "about 20 years." He bowls in three leagues, Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights at Bel Air Bowl. Throwing a 16-pound Rhino Pro bowling ball, he carried a 183 average last season. His high series is 747.


On July 17, in the Bel Air Bowl Doubles Tournament, an event that will continue through Aug. 21, 1994, he fired a 297, close to his career high of 299.

"That's the first time I've been back in the center since the season ended," Samson said. "Maybe that's why I bowled pretty good. I didn't want to look too bad, so I was a little nervous and maybe that helped."