Take a break on the CFLI was...


Take a break on the CFL

I was just wondering if the sportswriters at The Sun are on Jim Speros' payroll. Is there any one of you who doesn't care about the new CFL team in Baltimore? I haven't seen too many articles on football fans who could care less about this pseudo team. It may be a faster paced game, and it does fill a longtime football void in Baltimore, but it's not the NFL. And it never will be.

Don't get me wrong, I think Baltimore got the shaft too when the expansion teams were awarded to two towns, one of which perhaps deserved it. I also think Mr. Tagliabue is conceited and makes decisions solely on ego, but it is the NFL. Kids don't come out of college football wanting to go to Saskatchewan.

Mr. Speros has done a terrific job of marketing in this town, thanks to The Sun, and others. You'd think all of Baltimore has welcomed this team with open arms. But the fact is that many of the fans I know watch the NFL every Sunday with a passion regardless of the fact Baltimore has no team and aren't rushing to buy CFL tickets.

All I'm saying is that for some of us, and I'm willing to bet that there are more than you'd think, the arrival of the Baltimore CFLs (can't even use Colts because of the powerful NFL) was the final battle in which we would lose the chance of an NFL team coming to Baltimore. And as big of a football fanatic as I am, I just can't get into this CFL team.

Richard Perry


Name that team

We are tired of all the commotion about the naming of the Baltimore pro football team. It's not fair for our team to play without a name due to the politics and greed of the NFL.

Jim Speros is trying to start a new chapter in football history in Baltimore. As sports fans, we have had a struggle to have a new football team to support being at the mercy of the "powers that be" in the NFL and the politicians that listen to them. We just want to have football again and have fun.

However, this name issue seems to dominate the news about our new team, the Baltimore CFL Colts. We have a suggestion if this cannot be resolved. Name them the Baltimore CFL Stallions because stallions are bigger than colts and the same may be said for the CFL team as compared to Irsay's Colts.

Sylvester Franklin,

Larry Coulson


Ripken is star of stars

Tom Keegan's front-page article on Cal Ripken's impact at the All-Star Game (July 12) was wonderful. Ricky Bones is one of us in his respect and awe of Cal. Ricky and the other professional athletes know they are with a special person. There is much to learn and respect about Cal. He works and trains hard to make sure he is physically and mentally ready to play every day.

What makes Cal unique is not the streak, in and of itself. He is respected and admired for his high personal and professional standards. His work ethic and preparedness are second to none. By the way he leads his life, he has set a standard unattainable for most mortals. Without his commitment to excellence, both on the field and off, his streak would not have the significance it does.

In this day of excess and ego, Cal is the living embodiment of what today's professional athlete should be.

We all hope that

Ruth M. Fleishman


Speros is great, scoreboard isn't

I wish to congratulate and thank Jim Speros for bringing back professional football to Baltimore via the CFL as I was one of the some 39,200 patrons at the 1994 home opener.

Win or lose, the CFL style of competition is much more exciting than the NFL could ever hope to be. However, a dampener has to be that poor excuse of a scoreboard and the people responsible for operating it.

If I were an advertiser I'm sure I'd be standing in line screaming "foul" as spelling errors aplenty or lack of lights were noticeable throughout Calgary's 42-16 win. More important than the defeat, however, is the poor image Baltimore got on the national coverage by ESPN2.

Three million dollars for the new franchise is surely a lot of money, but a messed-up scoreboard does little to show off our great sports town.

I would hope and pray that the Maryland Stadium Authority, Gov. Schaefer, Mayor Schmoke or corporate Baltimore would allocate funds to correct this visual eyesore.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

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